What to eat after staying up late? Many people now like to stay up late, whether it is because of work or other reasons, but staying up late is very harmful to the body, so what to eat after staying up late? Let’s take a look at it together with herbal care product manufacturer.

1, cashew nuts

When people stay up all night, their bodies will be hungry and anxious. It is very necessary to eat certain foods to regulate the body. Nuts not only contain a variety of vitamins, but also contain minerals, which are of great help to the recovery of the body. It is recommended that you eat some cashew nuts in moderation. If you want to eat other nutty foods, you can choose walnuts and almonds.

2, carrot

The right amount of edible carrots can soothe the eyes, not only can improve vision, but also relax eye fatigue, because it contains vitamin A. In addition to eating this food, it is okay to eat other foods containing vitamin A.

3, Apple

People who stay up late often suffer from endocrine disorders, which can also lead to constipation or obesity, and poor skin. A large amount of vitamins and malic acid in apples can decompose the fat accumulated in the body, which can effectively prevent body fat, thereby increasing hemoglobin and making the skin delicate and wrinkle-free. In addition, apple pectin content is also quite a lot, can improve constipation, prevent arteriosclerosis.

4, banana

The most abundant element in bananas is potassium, followed by magnesium. Some research experts say that potassium is indispensable if you want to maintain normal blood pressure and heartbeat. In addition, magnesium plays an important role in eliminating fatigue.

What to drink after staying up late

1, jujube water

Some experiments have shown that people with poor liver function can drink red jujube water every day for one week to achieve the effects of nourishing liver and protecting liver, promoting liver detoxification and detoxification.

2, lemonade

Lemon has always been praised as a good fruit for beauty and nourishing liver and detoxification. It is similar to our improve skin natural herbal product. It is a good time to raise liver when drinking a cup of lemonade in the morning. This is because lemon can help the body to discharge toxins, so drinking a cup after staying up late can help the liver detoxification.

3, honeysuckle tea

Honeysuckle tastes bitter, it has the effect of lowering the fire and clearing the liver, and honeysuckle has a very good effect on relieving bad breath and constipation.

4, chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum belongs to the flower tea category. It is used to make the tea taste slightly bitter, but it is the representative of the liver. The small amount of selenium contained in chrysanthemum is an essential element for repairing the liver.

5, rose tea

The fragrance of the rose is rich, and the white boiled water is served with a sweet taste. For the over-stress, stagnation caused by stagnation and liver fire, the nursery effect is good.

Green Plum

Green Plum

How to maintain after staying up late

1, timely remediation of the skin

First clean the face and apply a mask to replenish the skin, which will reduce the damage caused to the skin by staying up late.

2, make up

Try to make up the next day, take a hot bath before going to bed, put on a comfortable pajamas, remove all the tiredness, take a good sleep, and be mentally ill. It’s getting better, and the skin is not too bad.

3, sun drying the sun

After staying up late, you can sunbathe properly, and the sun can relax your body and mind, and make people more cheerful and energetic.