The weather is cold in winter, the elderly must pay attention to the physical conditioning, pay attention to good diet. So what should the elderly eat in winter? Next, I will show you.

First, what should the elderly eat in winter

1. Sea bass cough and phlegm

Sea bass is rich in protein, fat, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, selenium and so on. TCM believes that sea bass is warm and sweet, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

2, milk Shengjin Runchang

Milk is one of the best sources of human nutrients. Protein contains 9 essential amino acids; fat particles are small and highly dispersed, so the digestibility is high; the carbohydrates in milk are mainly lactose, which facilitates the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria and inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria. Chinese medicine believes that milk tastes flat and has the effects of nourishing the body, replenishing the intestines and moisturizing the intestines, and reducing thirst.

3. Dog meat supplements kidney

Dog meat contains more taurine and peptides, but less fat. Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is warm and has the effect of replenishing the kidneys and dispersing the cold, and has a good effect on low back pain, chills, polyuria at night, and adding heat.

4, Black Fungus

Black fungus contains more trace elements, vitamins B1, B2, carotene, mannose, xylose, lecithin, cerebral phospholipids, calcium, iron, etc., which can prevent blood clotting, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and improve constipation. Chinese medicine believes that black fungus has the effects of qi, intelligence, and blood production. It is effective for anemia, waist and legs, and numbness.

5, shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, more than 50 kinds of enzymes and free amino acids, choline, etc., has the effect of inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol in the body, promoting cholesterol breakdown and excretion, and preventing blood lipids from rising.

6.Soy bean sprouts

Soybean sprouts are the product of soaking and germinating soybeans in water. During this process, soybeans become loose in protein structure under the action of their own enzymes, protein digestibility and bioavailability increase, vitamin B1, B2, C content, and water-soluble cellulose content increase, making it an ideal high-nutrition vegetables.

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Soybean has relatively complete nutritional components. Among them, the protein is completely protein and contains high lysine, which can make up for the deficiency of lysine in grain. It can be used as both a vegetable and a substitute for food. Eating soybeans is especially beneficial in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that soybeans are sweet and have the effects of relieving the stomach, regulating the spleen, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing qi.

What sports does the elderly do in winter?


This is a good exercise, take a walk after meals. However, we usually take a walk after lunch at noon in winter, especially for the elderly, because noon is the warmest time of the day, and it will be colder in the morning and evening. If in the morning, you can choose after 10am and then in the afternoon, it is better before 5pm. As a general rule, choose the time of the day when the temperature is more appropriate.


Cycling is also a very good exercise method, which is more suitable for young people, but it should be noted that cycling, you must take good measures to keep your head, ears, and hands warm. Windproof and warm gloves, it is best to add knee pads, and slowly ride around the park or along the lake bike lane, elegant and fun, which is also great. Of course, you also have to choose the time, it can’t be too cold.

3.Kick a shuttlecock and badminton

Shuttlecock and badminton can be said to be two sports I like very much, especially in winter. Choose a warm afternoon, go to a park, find an open place, a few friends form a circle, kick the shuttlecock, the winter cold completely disappears, and it can also exercise well. In addition, it is also very good to play badminton together. Of course, you should choose the weather without wind, and do not play with wind.

What diseases does the elderly prevent in winter?


The winter is very dry, and the elderly who like spicy food easily cause cough in winter. According to the traditional Chinese medicine Wuwei Dirty, spicy food can damage the lungs and cause dryness and cough. And a cough can easily hurt your liver. Therefore, in winter, you should eat less spicy foods and more acidic foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and meat. Sour food can be Shengjin, can nourish the liver and lungs.


Colds in the elderly are common and frequently-occurring diseases in the autumn and winter seasons. Although the cold is not a major problem, if it is not treated in time, it can easily induce a variety of life-threatening complications, such as pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. In the cold winter season, the elderly should pay attention to strengthening cold hardening exercises and conditioning their diet. It is best to wash your face with cold water and hot feet every day to improve immunity, strengthen disease resistance and prevent colds.


Experts said that the skin of the elderly is degenerative atrophy, sebaceous gland function is reduced, it is easy to produce skin itching in cold and dry climates, the disease often aggravates at night, often makes it difficult for people to fall asleep. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to diet conditioning in the winter season, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and soy products, fast foods such as pepper, garlic and other irritating foods.You can also choose Chinese medicine for nourishing blood and nourishing Qi, moisturizing and itching, such as black sesame seeds. , Wolfberry and so on.

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