People don’t pay attention to it now, gout symptoms may occur if their hands and feet are cold. If you have gout, you should pay attention to your diet. Let the natural herbs supplier take you to take a look.

What does gout eat

  1. High potassium foods

Patients with gout can eat more high-potassium food, because the occurrence of gout is caused by the high concentration of uric acid in the body, so eat more food rich in potassium, the uric acid precipitation in the body can play a role in reducing, so that the symptoms of gout can be alleviated. There are many potassium-containing foods in food crops, such as corn, soybeans, buckwheat, etc. Banana is the highest potassium content mainly in the fruit, there are a lot of vegetables, such as celery, lettuce, spinach, coriander, edamame, etc., these foods are relatively high potassium content.

  1. Carbohydrates

Eating more carbohydrates is good for uric acid excretion, gout patients can eat rice, steamed bread, pasta and other foods rich in carbohydrates. Or you could eat our improve gout herbal product.

  1. Protein

Protein can according to the body weight, according to the proportion to absorb,1 kilogram body weight should absorb 0, 8 grams arrive 1 gram of protein, give priority to with milk, egg. If it is lean meat, chicken and duck, etc., should boil to the soup to eat, avoid to eat stewed meat or marinated meat.

  1. Alkaline foods

Gout patients to eat more alkaline food, this kind of food for people of uric acid concentration inside the body acidity can have the effect of neutralization, the alkali food with tea, persimmon, carrot, black fungus, wine, river snail, etc., in the alkaline food also has a lot of, such as strawberries, pumpkin, green vegetables, rape, protein, seaweed, bean milk powder, amaranth, etc., and alkalescent food have cabbage, red beans, tofu, cabbage, potato, pears and so on.

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What should gout notice

  1. Control the total heat

Gout patients should maintain or achieve their ideal body weight, so that their body weight is 10 to 15 percent below their ideal body weight. Want to achieve latter key is to control the total quantity of heat that eats everyday, total quantity of food wants to be lower than normal diet 10% or so, cannot eat snacks too much, also cannot eat every meal too much, too full.

  1. Limit fat intake

The total daily fat intake of gout patients in about 50 grams is appropriate, pay attention to vegetable oil, eat less animal fat. Prohibition of alcohol, drinking less coffee, tea, cocoa alcohol can induce gout attack and aggravate the disease, should absolutely prohibit gout patients drink; Gout patients in drinking coffee, tea, cocoa should not be too strong, drink too much.

  1. Fast foods high in purines

Foods high in purine include offal, fish and shrimp, clams, beef and lamb, and peas. Gout patients should eat as little as possible or not at all.

  1. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest

Avoid overwork, mental tension, infection, surgery, generally do not advocate gout patients to participate in running and other strong physical exercise, or for long-distance walking travel.

  1. Get plenty of vitamin B and C

Vitamin B and C are rich in fruits and vegetables. Eat oranges and apples after meals and eat more green leafy vegetables in the diet to get enough vitamin B and C.

What are the symptoms of gout

  1. Asymptomatic period

The serum urate concentration increases with age, and there are gender differences. This stage is mainly manifested by the continuous or increased volatility of serum urate.

  1. Onset of acute arthritis
  2. Intervals
  3. Gout stones