In the autumn and winter seasons, our skin always feels particularly dry and tight. In fact, this situation can be improved by adjusting the diet. So what food is good for dry skin? Check it out with the health and wellness supplier China.

What food is good for dry skin


Nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant that can prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, prevent premature age spots on the skin, and effectively prevent the deposition of brown pigment in the skin, preventing brown spots on the face, Plaque; Vitamin E also has the effect of promoting cell division, regeneration, delaying cell aging, and restoring skin elasticity; a variety of amino acids contained in nuts, vitamins A, D, K, and iron, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese. It has a great effect on preventing dry and rough skin and premature aging.

2. Fresh dates

Fresh dates contain a large amount of vitamin C. It is an effective antioxidant, which not only keeps the skin’s elasticity, but also inhibits and blocks the formation of skin melanin, similar to our improve skin natural herbal product.


Most deep-sea fish are good for the skin, and salmon is the fish with the highest content of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. It is a component of the skin that can help the skin lock in moisture and also reduce wrinkles. Can only be taken from food. In addition to Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, salmon also contains astaxanthin. Its antioxidant capacity is hundreds of times that of vitamin E, which can effectively fight free radicals and delay skin aging.


Avocado is mild in nature and similar in structure to the skin’s natural sebum membrane. Its nutritional value is easily absorbed by the skin, preventing the loss of moisture, making the skin plump and elastic. The oil contained in avocado can provide power to the lymphatic system in the body, accelerate the skin’s detoxification effect, and absorb fresh nutrients.

How to prevent dry skin

  1. Do not choose cosmetics containing alkaline substances. When choosing cleansing products, you should use cream-type cleansers without alkaline substances to wash your face with warm water. Sometimes you can wash your face with soap without soap.
  2. Choose an appropriate mask, or use a dry skin mask to apply your face. In general, apply it for 15-30 minutes.
  3. Steamed noodles with water, steaming noodles can be used to speed up facial blood circulation and add necessary moisture and oil.
  4. Choose the appropriate skin care products, in the morning, should use cold cream or lotion to moisturize the skin, and then use astringent lotion to adjust the skin, apply a sufficient amount of nutritional cream. In the evening, use a sufficient amount of lotion, nourishing lotion and nourishing cream.
  5. Massage the face every day, insist on massaging the face 1-2 times a day, about 5 minutes each time, to promote blood circulation and improve the physiological functions of the skin.

Red Algae Powder

Red Algae Powder

What causes dry skin and tingling

  1. Age increase

As you get older, your skin’s ability to retain water will decrease, and sebum secretion will decrease, making the skin’s moisture

  1. Insufficient sebum secretion

The surface of the skin is formed by a sebum film, which helps the skin maintain proper moisture. Once the secretion of sebum is reduced, the need for making sebum membranes cannot be met and the skin becomes dry.

  1. Temperature drops

In the cold winter, the secretion of sebum and sweat will decrease rapidly, but because the air is too dry, the skin’s moisture will gradually evaporate, the skin surface will become rougher, and the resistance will be weakened.

  1. Lack of sleep, fatigue

Insufficient sleep coupled with fatigue can cause considerable damage to the body and poor blood circulation. When the health is out of balance, the skin will lose vitality, and it is prone to dryness and roughness. You would better eat some improve insomnia natural herbal product.

  1. Weight loss and partial eclipse

Extreme weight loss and partial eclipse can also cause the skin to become dry. When the skin cannot get enough nutrients, it will lose its elasticity and moisture, making the skin dry and fragile.