First, high blood sugar can not eat anything; Second, the cause of high blood sugar; Third, how to prevent high blood sugar. Today, reduce blood glucose product manufacturer tell you something about blood glucose.

What can you eat with high blood sugar?

1, sweet potato

Sweet potato has always been loved by people because of its sweet taste and rich nutrition. At the same time, the latest research shows that sweet potato has certain anti-cancer effect, but it cannot be neglected that the sweet potato has a sugar content of 27.7% and its glycemic index is also Higher, therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat sweet potatoes.

2, honey

Honey is mainly formed by glucose, fructose, and so on, which can be directly received by the human body, and thus the blood sugar is increased rapidly. However, people with high blood sugar can eat the right amount of royal jelly, which is not only more nutritious, but also contains insulin-like in the royal jelly, which is beneficial to people with high blood sugar.

3, persimmon

Persimmon contains rich sucrose, glucose, and fructose, which are high in sugar content, and are also monosaccharides and disaccharides, which are most inappropriate for hyperglycemia patients.

4, grapes

Compared with other types of fruits, grape has a high sugar content of more than 27%, so patients with high blood sugar must not eat grapes. If you want to eat it, you must pay attention to it. You can eat one or two less. If the raisins are high blood sugar patients, they must not eat.

5, red dates

The sugar content in jujube is very high, which is not conducive to the treatment of patients with hyperglycemia, and even disturbs the steps of treatment for patients with hyperglycemia. Therefore, patients with hyperglycemia should not eat red dates.

Seaweed Jelly

Causes of high blood sugar

1, improper diet

Hyperglycemia caused by unreasonable diet. Most of the current young people like snacks like fried chicken, do not like vegetables and fruits, and long-term eating habits may lead to high blood sugar.

2, lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep is also the cause of high blood sugar, and the quality of sleep and the cause of high blood sugar are also inseparable.

3, too obese

Many hyperglycemic patients are mostly obese before the onset of the disease, so after two to three hours after eating, they will feel palpitation, sweating, hand shake, hunger and other symptoms.

4, other diseases

Hyperglycemia caused by other diseases. Coronary heart disease and other high blood sugar have a close relationship. Therefore, once the diagnosis is hyperglycemia, it should be as clear as possible what causes hyperglycemia, so that symptomatic treatment can be done to prevent and treat hyperglycemia.

How to prevent high blood sugar

1, increase the amount of activity or exercise more, or you can eat some reduce blood glucose herbal products.

2, adjust medication (increased dose, increase the number of medications or add another hypoglycemic agent). Although the methods of exercise and diet adjustment are economical and have few side effects. Compared with the first two methods, drugs can indeed treat hyperglycemia more quickly and effectively.

3, self-relaxation and emotional regulation Relaxation exercise (such as deep breathing, with relaxed and soothing music to relax muscles, etc.) can help relieve stress and make hypoglycemic treatment more effective. Learn to regulate emotions and enhance self-efficacy, so as to overcome the fear and negative mentality after illness, and also help blood sugar control.

4, active treatment of other diseases (such as colds, infections, etc.) colds, infections and other issues can cause an increase in adrenaline in the body, which will lead to elevated blood sugar.