Green plum tastes sour and sweet, very attractive, and eating green plum can also open our appetite, enhance our appetite. Not only that but do you really know anything about green plums? In fact, its nutritional value is also very high. Green plum is a kind of versatile fruit. Today we are going to talk about the world of green plum with the herbal care product manufacturer.

The common practice of green plum

1. Eat directly

We can eat green plum directly, the green plum can be washed with water as a fruit to eat directly, but not processed green plum is very acid, some people like to eat sour things, but some people can not stand it.

2. Pickled green plums

First into the pot to add the right amount of water, wait until the water boils put in the green plum hot, then out of the blow-dry, according to personal taste to add the right amount of salt marinate for a month can eat, this can help our bodies, promote digestion, but also can ease abdominal distension.

3. Green plum made of honey

First of all, we should choose those fresh green plums with hard meat and green color. We should put the prepared plums in a jar and sprinkle them with salt in layers. After marinating them for two months, we should cut them in half with a knife, remove the seeds and soak them in water for ten hours.Remove the salt and remove the water. Mix the sugar solution to a concentration of 30%. Put the green plum in the sugar solution for 12 hours. Add granulated sugar in batches for 15 days and bring to a boil with the sugar in a pan. Let dry until the sugar thickens and is ready to eat.

4. Green plum wine

First, prepare a proper amount of fresh green plums, wash them with water, and dry them. Then put them into the jar and add about 45° of white wine. After half a year, you can drink them.

Precautions for eating green plum

Don’t overeat

When eating a green plum, the first thing to be careful not to eat more. In general, it is ok to eat one or two a day because childhood is a very sour food, if eat too much, will very stimulate our intestines and stomach, health also is no good to the body, therefore, if you want to lose weight through childhood, can only put the greengage as the auxiliary fruit reducing weight, but can’t eat only childhood to lose weight.

Green plum is recommended after meals

Generally speaking, we had better not hollow eat those special sour green plum, had better want to eat after the meal, because can achieve the goal of appetizing and consuming food, still have the effect of reducing weight even, and to our intestines and stomach stimulation also is not so big.

Green plum can’t eat with what

Mold is a kind of alkaline fruit, so he doesn’t fit and pork liver, sheep and food to eat, although there are no side effects, it is easy to cause indigestion, also is not good for our stomach, so greengage and this food should eat less or do not eat, such ability can have the effect of compensatory nutrition, or eat childhood and the food has no effect. Also need us to pay attention to is that we generally eat the green plum is not mature fruit, so when the green plum is ripe, there is a kind of hydrocyanic acid, this substance contains toxins, so when you eat must be carefully selected, do not eat the wrong.

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Who can’t eat green plums

Green plum is not suitable for all people. First of all, people with very severe stomach ulcers or stomach perforations can eat, but they must eat in moderation and not too much. Generally speaking, as long as the stomach does not have any special big problem, it can be eaten. Because childhood is a kind of strong alkaline food, it can regulate the acid-base balance in us, immediately constipation relief, or good for our health.

Can you eat green plum directly

Just picked from the tree of childhood, in general, will not be able to eat directly, can be placed again after a period of time to eat better, because direct eat very acid, we can put in the childhood with salt or sugar water soak for a few hours, so no less acid, and childhood usually chemical pesticides, eat directly, there is a lot of pesticide ingredients, so for the sake of our health should be first to use salt water to soak for a period of time to eat again, this effect is the best.

Eat green plum to reduce weight

Eating green plum has the effect of detoxification and defecation, so if it is because of the body toxin deposition caused by obesity, eating green plum is a certain effect of weight loss, but if you want to rely on green plum to lose weight, it is best not to do so.

Original childhood when we eat so many doorways, we usually eat are some of the products, rarely eat a fresh green plum, because the childhood is very acid, and there are a lot of people can not accept, so we all eat candied fruit, so taste and high nutritional value, but also very sweet, not too greasy.