Everyone is no stranger to mulberry leaves. In ancient times, people discovered that mulberry leaves can be used to quench thirst. Later, scientific research showed that mulberry leaves contain blood sugar-regulating ingredients, which can be used to regulate blood lipids and blood sugar. Mulberry leaf powder refers to the powder ground from the dried leaves of Moraceae plants. It has the following effects:

The first type, because mulberry leaf powder is a kind of cold food, it has the effect of moisturizing dryness and reducing fire. It can be used to treat lung heat, hyperactivity of liver yang, or swelling and pain caused by strong fire;

The second type has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, which can be used to treat respiratory diseases caused by dry weather, such as coughing;

The third type has the effect of heat dissipation, which is suitable for patients with the hot and humid constitution.

The first effect of mulberry leaf powder: wind-heat

After entering the body, mulberry leaves have a good effect of dissipating wind and heat, and also have a good therapeutic effect on lung heat. In addition, if the body has headaches, coughs, and colds, you can take mulberry leaves with honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, peppermint, platycodon, etc. with water.

In addition, mulberry leaves can not only be used for binocular redness caused by wind-heat but also have the effect of clearing fire. It has a very good therapeutic effect on binocular redness caused by liver fire. Take it with chrysanthemum, plantago seed, cassia seed, etc.

If the body suffers from dizziness, mulberry leaves can be taken together with some Chinese medicinal materials that have nourishing liver and kidney effects, such as Ligustrum lucidum, black sesame seeds, and medlar, which can promote the body to recover well.

The second effect of mulberry leaf powder: antispasmodic effect

If the body has limbs or body cramps, you can soak the mulberry leaves in water or take the medicinal solution after decoction, which has a good antispasmodic effect and relieves physical discomfort.

The third effect of mulberry leaf powder: anti-inflammatory effect

Modern medical research has found that certain substances contained in mulberry leaves have good anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, if the body has inflammation or you want to prevent inflammation, you can take an appropriate amount of mulberry leaves according to the situation, which can prevent and treat the inflammation.

Green Plum

The fourth effect of mulberry leaf powder: anti-pathogenic microorganisms

Scientists have discovered through experiments that mulberry leaf water has a certain inhibitory effect on various bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in vitro, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Diphtheria bacillus, and Escherichia coli, etc., in addition to killing Leptospira effect.

The fifth effect of mulberry leaf powder: the effect of lowering blood pressure

Studies have found that mulberry leaves contain some substances that have the effect of lowering blood pressure after entering the human body, such as rutin, quercetin, and quercetin, etc., which all have the effect of increasing the contractility and output of the heart, and at the same time have the effect on heart rate There is also a lowering effect. In addition, it also has the effect of dilating coronary blood vessels and improving the circulation of heart palpitations, thereby lowering blood pressure and promoting the recovery of the body.

The sixth effect of mulberry leaf powder: the effect of lowering blood sugar

The ecdysterone contained in mulberry leaves has the effect of lowering blood sugar after entering the body, and it can also effectively promote the conversion of excess glucose into glycogen, but it will not affect the normal blood sugar required. Not only will it not endanger health, but it has a good inhibitory and therapeutic effect on some diseases with high blood sugar.

The seventh effect of mulberry leaf powder: beauty and beauty

Did you know that in addition to promoting physical health, Green plum also has the effect of beautifying and beautifying the skin, which is very suitable for girls and beauty lovers? Mulberry leaves are a kind of plant. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry leaves are cold in nature and bitter in taste. After taking it, they can disperse wind and heat. At the same time, they can promote and protect our liver and eyes. In addition, if acne or brown spots appear on the face, taking mulberry leaves regularly can also whiten the skin and increase skin elasticity.

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