Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces the role of cassia seed in its efficacy.

Cassia seed is also known as cassia,  mainly produced in Anhui, Guangxi, and other places. Cassia seed in addition to containing sugar, protein, fat, contains emodin, rhein acid on the human body has asthma, bile, liver protection, anti-hypertension effect, and has a certain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Cassia seed can be said to be one of the very common Chinese medicine, it itself has a lot of effects, to our body, can effectively improve the symptoms of sleep. There are many ways of eating cassia seeds, each of which has a different effect

The effect of cassia seed

1. Improve insomnia

If we appeared mild insomnia situation in life, you can choose to treat with cassia seed, cassia seed small cold, but there is a little bit of vanilla scent, this time we can put the semen cassia pillow sleep, will feel more comfortable when you go to sleep at night, and we know that the seeds of semen cassie are hard, have certain effect to treat headache, insomnia.

2, bowel cleansing

When the weather is hot, we should use cassia seed bubble water to drink, which can play a very good role in defecation and intestinal cleansing, hot weather will make our bodies sweat more, the body water loss is rapid, constipation will appear after the situation, but cassia seed bubble water can be very good to relieve these symptoms. Is to improve gastrointestinal metabolism. Cassia seeds is  improve gastrointestinal metabolism products.

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3, decrease internal heat

Winter, we can eat a little bit, cassia seed, people are more likely to lose this time, is likely to grow blain, everybody should eat thereof at this time, it has the very strong function of purging fire, we use the cassia seed bubble water to drink can treat problems were mentioned, we can also be cassia seed with chrysanthemum bubble water to drink, this role will be bigger.

4. Lowering blood lipid

Cassia seed also can fall blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol problems is a big problem, the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are also more and more, so people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol can use cassia seed bubble water to drink, at the time of bubble water can also add honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, daily use can also inhibit the increase of cholesterol.

5, the weight loss

Cassia son still can use reduce weight, cassia son can decompose the redundant fat inside the body, use cassia son to make tea to drink the fat that can get rid of each place inside the body, and cassia son also won’t affect the health of human body, use cassia son bubble water to drink needless to eat very little also can get rid of the fat inside the body.

Side effects of cassia seed

Cassia seed slightly cold, easy to loose bowels, diarrhea, stomach pain, should not drink this tea.It is important to note that cassia preparations should be used with caution in patients with diarrhea and hypotension.The side effect of its “advocate catharsis”, must cause the attention of pregnant woman, new research discovers, long-term drinking light can cause menstruation to be irregular, heavy can make endometrium is not normal, induce preterm delivery thereby.

The biggest side effect of semen cassiae (caocassia) may be defecation and slippery bowel, and there are generally no other problems, but it should not be used in people with loose stools due to qi deficiency.