Red jujube is the king of jujube, with thin skin and thick meat, sweet and pure, full-grain, original taste and flavor, and very attractive fragrance. It is the most ideal healthy and pollution-free food.


Red dates are rich in nutrition. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, cellulose; A variety of amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin; Vitamin C, vitamin P, vitamin E, etc. The vitamin C that the place contains, every 100 grams fresh jujube amounts to 380-600 milligrams, it is orange content 11-20 times, it is apple and pear, peach content 100 times or so, the vitamin P that place contains also occupies the crown of 100 fruit. Therefore enjoys “the natural vitamin pill” the praise.


Jujube powder contains a variety of bioactive substances, such as jujube polysaccharide, flavonoids, saponins, triterpenes, alkaloids, cyclic adenosine cAMP and cGMP, etc., which have a variety of health care and cure effects on the human body. It is mainly used for the treatment of spleen and stomach weakness, body fatigue, loose stool with less food, blood deficiency, and yellowing, etc. Anti-tumor: CAMP in jujube powder is involved in various physiological and biochemical processes such as cell division and differentiation, morphogenesis, glycogen and fat decomposition, and steroid generation in vivo, and can act on gene transcription and affect protein synthesis. More importantly, cAMP has a significant effect on the treatment of various tumors and can effectively prevent the formation of nitrite substances in the human body, thus inhibiting the formation and proliferation of cancer cells. In addition, triterpenoids rich in jujube have the effect of inhibiting cancer cells, especially hawthorn acid is the most powerful, even more than the commonly used anti-cancer drug fluorouracil.



The rich vitamin C in jujube powder has strong antioxidant activity and promotes the synthesis of collagen, can participate in the REDOX reaction of tissues and cells and is related to the metabolism of a variety of substances in the body. Sufficient vitamin C can promote growth and development, enhance physical strength, and reduce fatigue.

A drop in blood pressure

The content of vitamin P in jujube powder is the crown of all fruits and vegetables. It has the function of maintaining capillary permeability, improving microcirculation and preventing arteriosclerosis, and promoting vitamin C accumulation in the human body. In addition, the saponins contained in jujube have the functions of regulating human metabolism, enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and reducing blood sugar and cholesterol.

The cholesterol

Rutin in jujube powder has the function of protecting the capillary patency and preventing the increase of fragility of the blood vessel wall and has curative effect on hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other diseases. The flavonoid content can be used for the treatment and prevention of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.


Jujube is one of the special fruits in China. The size of the fruit can be divided into jujube and jujube. According to the shape of the fruit, there are long jujube and round jujube. Medical science studies confirm red jujube contains protein, A variety of amino acids, carotene, vitamin A, B2, C, P, iron, calcium, phosphorus qualitative, beneficial to the liver. Modern medical research shows that jujube has the following functions

1. Obvious anti-cancer effects: Adenosine cyclic phosphate in Jujube can regulate cell division and proliferation, which is conducive to the transformation of tumor cells to normal cells, so it has anti-cancer effects; In addition, it contains hawthorn acid is a powerful anti-cancer substance; Its rich antioxidant vitamin C is also an important reason for its anti-cancer.

2. It can dilate blood vessels, improve myocardial nutrition, and enhance myocardial contractility.

3. It has an anti-allergic effect.

4. It has the effect of reducing poison to liver damage.

5. The flavonoids in jujube have sedative, hypnotic and antihypertensive effects.

Berberine contained in jujube can inhibit a variety of bacteria.

7. It’s a natural skincare and beauty tonic.

8. Anti-aging: Red jujube is rich in antioxidant vitamins, can resist the invasion of free radicals, so it has the effect of delaying aging, as the saying goes, “eat three jujube a day, a lifetime does not show old”.

9. Anti-fatigue effect: Red jujube contains damarane type saponins, which can increase people’s endurance.

From the above functions of red jujube, we can get inspiration: red jujube cheap, easy to eat, is the best seasonal supplements.In addition, jujube powder is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which is beneficial to improve capillaries, maintain the elasticity of blood vessel wall, and resist atherosclerosis. Jujube contains cAMP, whose pharmacological action is to improve human microcirculation, expand coronary arteries, increase blood supply to the brain and heart, slow down heart rhythm, reduce oxygen consumption of myocardium, and improve metabolism of ischemic myocardium. Therefore, it can prevent and treat cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

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