Herbal product manufacturers share with you: Sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., are annual or perennial herbaceous tuber plants in the Convolvulaceae family. Sweet potato is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammation and regulating blood sugar.

In fact, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and purple potatoes belong to the sweet potato family, each of which has its own strengths.

Sweet potato, starch “champion”

In 2014, experts from the Sweet Potato Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a comparative evaluation of the main nutritional qualities of sweet potato tubers of different flesh colors. Among them, the content of starch is higher in sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato tubers have a lighter internal color, higher starch content, a dry mouthfeel, and a lighter sweet taste. Because there is a lot of starch, low sugar content, the taste is not so sweet, and it is not too fragrant when roasted, so it is not suitable for roasting. Overall, the health advantages of white meat sweet potatoes are less obvious than varieties of other colors.

Because the sweet potato has a high starch content, it cannot be converted to 4: 1 when converted to rice. It must be 3: 1. Therefore, when you eat a piece of sweet potato, you have to reduce the amount of rice you eat that day by 3/4.

Purple potato, anthocyanin “king”

The purple color of purple sweet potatoes is not caused by genetic modification or dyeing, but because it contains higher anthocyanins.

Excessive free radicals in the body can oxidize internal organs and cause various diseases. Anthocyanins are the strongest antioxidants in the human body. Its antioxidant properties are 50 times higher than vitamin E and 20 times higher than vitamin C. It is 100% effective on the human body and can be detected in the blood 20 minutes after taking it.

Anthocyanins can protect the body from free radical damage, can prevent a variety of free radical-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, premature aging, arthritis and other diseases, and protect vision and beauty functions.

Purple sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, especially suitable for constipated people.

Dietary fiber is indispensable for a healthy diet and plays an important role in laxative and maintaining gastrointestinal function. At the same time, intake of sufficient dietary fiber can also prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases.

Therefore, the content of anthocyanins and dietary fiber in purple potato is high, and the antioxidant and constipation effects are obvious. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Sweet potato, carotenoid “Queen”

Yellow meat sweet potato is characterized by high sugar content and high sweetness. Because of its high sugar content, the aroma of roasted sweet potatoes is strong and exudes a charming charred aroma.

The yellow and orange colors of yellow meat sweet potatoes are derived from carotene. The yellower the color, the higher the carotene content. Among them, the effects of carotene and lutein on our human body are quite large: the carotene in carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, which plays an important role in preventing vitamin A deficiency and protecting eyesight;-carrots Is beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and cancer.

Lutein, also known as “phytolutein,” is one of the carotenoids, which is beneficial to the health of the retina and heart.

In addition, in recent years, there has been a “sweet potato leaf fever” in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. Food made from sweet potato leaves has been put on the tables of hotels and restaurants. Now various varieties of sweet potato leaves are sold in the market, and potato leaves have become a modern gourmet. Sweet potato leaves have health functions such as improving immunity, hemostasis, hypoglycemia, detoxification, prevention and treatment of night blindness, and anti-cancer. Regular consumption can prevent constipation and protect eyesight. It can also keep the skin delicate, improve constipation, and delay aging.

How to eat sweet potatoes?

Can be eaten as a staple food, but not too much at a time. If you eat too much sweet potato, a large amount of carbon dioxide is easily produced in the stomach, causing flatulence, and it can also cause people to feel heartburn.

It is worth noting that if you replace the staple food with sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes, you need to add an extra egg or a few mouthfuls of fish and tofu. Because the protein content of sweet potatoes is lower than rice and white noodles, if you eat sweet potatoes for a long time without other foods, it will easily cause protein deficiency.

Recommend two best cooking methods:

Sweet potatoes and white rice noodles are more nutritious. The content of essential amino acids in rice noodles is relatively high, and sweet potatoes happen to have relatively rare lysine components in rice noodles. Therefore, eating sweet potatoes, rice and flour together will be more nutritious.

Congee with sweet potatoes, pumpkin and red dates is the most nutritious. Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and red dates are all nutritious and can be used as one hundred. Together, they are not only good recipes, but also more flavorful than white rice sweet potato porridge.

In addition, we must remind everyone that different groups of people should pay attention to: adults can eat, it is recommended to control the consumption of 50-100 grams each time; elderly people are suitable to eat sweet potatoes and small pieces of purple potatoes; diabetic people such as sweet potatoes It is recommended to eat purple sweet potatoes, and every 100 grams of purple sweet potatoes, etc., need to reduce 25 grams of staple food; children can eat, it is recommended to control the consumption of 25-50 grams each time.


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