Wrinkles are places where age is exposed, so in order to better hide your age, it is necessary to maintain your body, especially the face. The following herbal product manufacturers will introduce you to the 12 simplest ways to eliminate wrinkles.

Type 1, serious cleansing makes the skin moist and delicate

Cleaning is also the most important thing to prevent wrinkles. Because of the harsh external environment, many exhaust gases and dust can easily adhere to the skin, and the radiation of the computer screen is also a hidden danger. These dirty things will make the skin lose its original elasticity and easily grow wrinkles. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to clean, use a cleansing product suitable for your skin to clean the skin.

Type 2, use vitamin-rich beauty cosmetics

From the whitening of Vitamin C, to the antioxidant and aging of Vitamin E, and the most popular vitamin A derivatives, these can make skin fresher and brighter. Therefore, you should choose to apply a nutrient cream rich in different vitamins to give your skin rich nutrition, such as improve skin natural herbal product.

Type 3, removes keratin and then massages to fade wrinkles

If the keratin thickening is bound to affect the appearance, and wrinkles are prone to occur. So exfoliation is also a key step in anti-wrinkle. In the skin care process, skin beauty massage, hot compresses are applied, the lines of wrinkles of the skin are diluted, and the skin care products are better penetrated, thereby improving the overall skin condition.

Type 4, focus on eye care

If you read novels for a long time, play computer on the Internet, watch Korean dramas staying up late, and my eyes are too tired to cause wrinkles around the eyes, and problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, and edema. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the eye massage, apply eye cream, and relieve fatigue for the eyes.

Type 5, anti-wrinkle on the forehead, corners of the eyes and lips, preventive maintenance

Wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes, lips and the like are difficult to remove even if they are doubled. Therefore, before wrinkles are produced, attention should be paid to the use of anti-wrinkle cosmetics in these areas. In particular, preventive eye creams should be selected and eyes should be selected. Make-up remover to prevent the first wrinkles.

Type 6, with anti-wrinkle makeup, bright and blocking wrinkles

A lot of anti-wrinkle makeup has appeared on the market, which is the best choice for women who like to dress up every day. Like Revlon, as new as the new models are good.

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Type 7, make up your mind to protect your vulnerable lips while making up

The lips are highly susceptible to environmental pollution, leaving lips dry, cracked and wrinkled. At this time, in addition to remembering to apply a lip balm with a sunscreen factor, it is also important to remember to protect your lips during makeup. It is recommended to use a moisturizing or lip balm or lip gloss.

Type 8, hand and foot care before going to bed

The dry air and the degreased alkaline soap make the cracks of the hands and feet rough and the fingers become thicker and thicker, and the skin on the surface becomes wrinkled more and more, which affects the appearance. When cleaning the skin, try to choose a slightly acidic moisturizing shower gel, even clean with water, clean and then apply moisturizing nourishing hand and foot cream.

Type 9, take care of dry skin and sensitive skin

Dry skin is prone to fine wrinkles, and sensitive skin is sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, it is necessary to be targeted in skin care. When you buy skin care products and feel a little uncomfortable, try special cosmetics.

Type 10, sun protection in autumn and winter

The ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter give birth to the first wrinkles in life, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Type 11, to prevent wrinkles, you are lying and sleeping

Lying down to sleep can prevent wrinkles. When you sleep, your face will be oppressed, and your skin will become wrinkled. After a long time, wrinkles will inevitably grow.

Type 12, adequate sleep and normal work to maintain metabolism in the body

Wrinkles are the manifestation of facial skin aging. The causes of skin aging are many, and sleep is one of the important reasons. Insufficient sleep, especially for people who are chronically deprived of sleep, the face is prone to wrinkles. If you are insomnia, try our improve insomnia natural herbal product.

The above 12 simple ways to eliminate wrinkles must be remembered, use the above methods, let us also stop the years in the flower season!