Eat a slimmer salad diet, shared by health and wellness supplier China.

Core tip: as the living condition is getting better and better now, a lot of trouble for themselves can’t thin come down, suffer from obesity to let a person very trouble, want to lose weight is now almost all the souls of people, but also a lot of feelings of love beautiful sister sisters, the manufacturer will introduce several kinds of vegetables salad diet allows you to slim down quickly.

Make vegetable salad the most main is the deployment of salad sauce, generally speaking, the salad sauce that sells on the market is sweet, have salty rarely, sweet salad sauce suits fruit commonly, vegetable salad generally suits to use salty salad sauce, what did not sell on the market then we allocate by ourselves! You can mix the good salad oil with the fresh eggs, the ratio of eggs to salad oil can be one to one, after mixing the flavor, you can add some pepper, mustard oil and so on to make the salad dressing.

Vegetable salad i:

Chinese cabbage, little red tomatoes, broccoli, green peppers, carrots, celery shoots, such as wash, cut into suitable for small pieces, then add a little salt and sugar, salad dressing and then put vegetables salad sauce, or also can dip in with vegetables to eat, if feel eating raw vegetables are not very trust, can wash at once and then blanch in hot water again, and then use cold water to cool, such a delicious salad is ready, the method is simple, vegetables contain less heat, eat vegetable salad can effectively reduce calorie intake, can be very good to lose weight. Eat more thinner oh!

Seaweed Jelly

seaweed jelly

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Vegetable salad ii:

Ingredients: fresh spinach 1000 grams, garlic and green onion each 50 grams, fresh lemon 15 grams, sour milk 100 grams, fresh mint leaves 3-4 pieces, salt and black pepper appropriate.

Preparation: wash spinach, water blanch, take out the water squeeze dry, cut into small pieces, wash green onion cut into silk, garlic cut into small pieces, wash mint leaves cut into silk.

Make: lemon juice and green onion, salt, pepper into the spinach, stir, stir well after adding garlic and sour milk, and then put on the mint shreds are finished.

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