In life, we will encounter some intestinal problems more or less. Especially constipation, there are many people who are deeply tortured. Children: mostly because of weak spleen and stomach, consumption of formula containing palm oil, and imperfect digestive function. Pregnant women: Pregnancy constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy, and constipation may worsen in the third trimester. Professionals: Sedentary, lack of exercise will affect the gastrointestinal motility, coupled with irregular diet, work pressure and other issues, the workplace is prone to constipation. Middle-aged and elderly: With age, intestinal function will gradually decline, resulting in fewer bowel movements and difficulty in defecation.

According to the survey, patients with chronic constipation account for 3%-17.6% of the general population in China, and the prevalence of women is higher than that of men. About 70 million women and more than 20 million men suffer from chronic constipation. Some people think that constipation is not a big deal. At best, it is uncomfortable, but it is not! Frequent constipation can cause damage to the whole body.

1, diet and tasteless: often constipation, can cause gastrointestinal nerve dysfunction, resulting in food can not be properly digested, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, belching and other issues.

2, concurrent anorectal disease: stool becomes dry and hard, will squeeze the blood vessels near the anal canal, and even tear the muscles of the anus, causing hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other anorectal diseases.

3, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: excessive force during defecation, will increase abdominal pressure, sudden increase in blood pressure, for the elderly, it is easy to induce stroke, angina, myocardial infarction and other accidents.

4, psychological problems: long-term suffering from constipation, easy to make people feel irritated, causing anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and other symptoms, affecting normal work and life.

5, the impact of appearance: long-term constipation, easy to cause acne, facial pigmentation, rash and other skin problems.

Seaweed Jelly

After reading this, do you still think constipation is a trivial matter? In order to have a good state of the body, you must improve constipation and keep your intestines healthy.

How to relieve constipation, you must first develop good habits. Specifically, the following points are included:

1, diet, reasonable intake of dietary fiber, drink plenty of water;
2 , exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, so ensure sufficient exercise;
3 , develop good bowel habits, defecation on time, do not read books, do not play mobile phones when defecation;
4 , do not stay up late, keep a regular schedule.

Second, everyone can choose to take our products. Seaweed jelly can significantly accelerate intestinal peristalsis, improve the metabolic function and constipation of the gastrointestinal tract, inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestine, and reduce the deposition of intestinal toxins and carcinogens. Removes toxins from the body, metabolizes unwanted lipids, lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. It nourishes the skin, removes acne and fading spots, controls body weight, and reduces the health effects of three high diseases (high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar.

Whether it’s children, office workers or middle-aged and elderly people, this pure natural herbs product always protects your gut health. After insisting on drinking once after breakfast and dinner, conditioning the intestines, improving constipation problems, and bringing changes to the state of health, the body will naturally know.