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Honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle, silver flower, double flower, etc., has been known as good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification since ancient times. It is sweet and fragrant, sweet and fragrant, clears the heat without hurting the stomach, and is fragrant and fragrant. Honeysuckle can both disperse wind and heat, and also clear blood poison. It is used for various thermal sexual diseases, such as body heat, rash, plaque, heat and ulcers, sore throat, etc., all of which have significant effects.

Honeysuckle has many effects. There are actually many kinds of honeysuckle. Why would you choose honeysuckle to do it? In fact, honeysuckle is a very good plant. It can be used at home, but it can be used as a bonsai, dried, and used in Chinese medicine. Also great.

Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, with fragrant air, and has the effects of dispersing wind and heat, clearing heat, and detoxifying. It is suitable for various sexually transmitted diseases, such as body heat, heat and ulcers, and sore throat. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the active ingredients in honeysuckle have antibacterial, antiviral, and immune function enhancement effects. In daily life, many people often use honeysuckle to soak in water for health care. Relieve cold jelly mainly has 3 major health effects.

Relieve Cold Jelly

1. Remove fire and prevent bad breath

You can use chrysanthemum or honeysuckle to soak in water to prevent bad breath. Chrysanthemum is weak in the wind and has good heat-clearing power. It is often used for exogenous wind and heat. It is often used with mulberry leaves. It can also be used with baicalin and mountain garden to cure heat and irritability. Chrysanthemum can treat redness and pain of the eyes, regardless of whether it is caused by liver fire or wind and heat. It can be used to clear liver fire and disperse wind and heat. It is often used in combination with cicada and Tribulus Terrestris. If the liver and yin are insufficient, and the eyes are dizzy, it is more suitable to use the raw land and the berries.

2. Treating sore throat and preventing upper respiratory tract infection

Use honeysuckle to make tea instead of water to treat sore throat and prevent upper respiratory tract infection. The method is: take honeysuckle 20 grams, decoction instead of tea or make tea, 1 dose per day.

3. Qushu eyesight

During the summer heat, use honeysuckle and tea to make tea or use tea instead. Phoenix Chinese Medicine reminds us that honeysuckle tea is only suitable for people with moderate or internal heat, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not drink honeysuckle. In addition, overnight honeysuckle tea is best not to drink.

The efficacy of honeysuckle

1. Antibacterial and antiviral

That is, it has a significant inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery, typhoid fever, meningococcus, pneumococcus, pyocyanin, and influenza virus.

2. It has the function of enhancing immunity

Honeysuckle can promote lymphocyte transformation and enhance white blood cell phagocytosis.

3. Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic

Honeysuckle can promote the release of adrenal cortex hormones and has a significant inhibitory effect on inflammation.

4. Used for the beginning of exogenous wind fever or fever

Yinhua Ganhan, not only clears Qi and separates heat, but also clears blood and separates heat, and has a slight power of dissipation during heat removal, so it can cure external symptoms of wind and heat or symptoms of fever of the beginning Another illness. It is often used in combination with forsythia, burdock seed, and mint.

5. Used for sore carbuncle, throat swelling, and pain

Honeysuckle has a strong heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, and it is commonly used in surgery. It is generally used for ulcers and swelling poison with redness, heat, and pain. Forsythia, paeonol, red peony and other decoctions are taken orally, or freshly used to smash the external application.

6. Used for bloody diarrhea caused by heat poisoning (mucus and blood in the feces)

Heat and poison gather in the intestine and enter the blood, then diarrhea and blood in the stool. Yinhua can cool the blood and detoxify the fever, so it can treat bloody dysentery and bloody stools. In clinical practice, Yinhua is often used to stir charcoal.

Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces the role of cassia seed in its efficacy.

Cassia seed is also known as cassia,  mainly produced in Anhui, Guangxi, and other places. Cassia seed in addition to containing sugar, protein, fat, contains emodin, rhein acid on the human body has asthma, bile, liver protection, anti-hypertension effect, and has a certain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Cassia seed can be said to be one of the very common Chinese medicine, it itself has a lot of effects, to our body, can effectively improve the symptoms of sleep. There are many ways of eating cassia seeds, each of which has a different effect

The effect of cassia seed

1. Improve insomnia

If we appeared mild insomnia situation in life, you can choose to treat with cassia seed, cassia seed small cold, but there is a little bit of vanilla scent, this time we can put the semen cassia pillow sleep, will feel more comfortable when you go to sleep at night, and we know that the seeds of semen cassie are hard, have certain effect to treat headache, insomnia.

2, bowel cleansing

When the weather is hot, we should use cassia seed bubble water to drink, which can play a very good role in defecation and intestinal cleansing, hot weather will make our bodies sweat more, the body water loss is rapid, constipation will appear after the situation, but cassia seed bubble water can be very good to relieve these symptoms. Is to improve gastrointestinal metabolism. Cassia seeds is  improve gastrointestinal metabolism products.

Green Plum Health Product

3, decrease internal heat

Winter, we can eat a little bit, cassia seed, people are more likely to lose this time, is likely to grow blain, everybody should eat thereof at this time, it has the very strong function of purging fire, we use the cassia seed bubble water to drink can treat problems were mentioned, we can also be cassia seed with chrysanthemum bubble water to drink, this role will be bigger.

4. Lowering blood lipid

Cassia seed also can fall blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol problems is a big problem, the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are also more and more, so people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol can use cassia seed bubble water to drink, at the time of bubble water can also add honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, daily use can also inhibit the increase of cholesterol.

5, the weight loss

Cassia son still can use reduce weight, cassia son can decompose the redundant fat inside the body, use cassia son to make tea to drink the fat that can get rid of each place inside the body, and cassia son also won’t affect the health of human body, use cassia son bubble water to drink needless to eat very little also can get rid of the fat inside the body.

Side effects of cassia seed

Cassia seed slightly cold, easy to loose bowels, diarrhea, stomach pain, should not drink this tea.It is important to note that cassia preparations should be used with caution in patients with diarrhea and hypotension.The side effect of its “advocate catharsis”, must cause the attention of pregnant woman, new research discovers, long-term drinking light can cause menstruation to be irregular, heavy can make endometrium is not normal, induce preterm delivery thereby.

The biggest side effect of semen cassiae (caocassia) may be defecation and slippery bowel, and there are generally no other problems, but it should not be used in people with loose stools due to qi deficiency.




Chia seeds (Chia seeds) have become the new darling of the health food industry in the past 20 years. It was one of the staple foods of Aztecs in South America thousands of years ago. Superfoods also have the characteristics of swelling after water absorption (up to 15 times the weight of seeds) and high fiber. Therefore, they can slow down the conversion of starch into sugar in the stomach and intestines. Health and wellness supplier China introduces you:

What are chia seeds? Chia seeds are the seeds of Chia Sage derived from the Labiatae family and originated in Central and South America. The word Chia is derived from the ancient Aztec Chian, meaning oil-rich.

Chia seeds are rich in 31% fat, 26% carbohydrates, 18% dietary fiber, and 16% gluten-free protein. The special thing is that the oil contains 68% alpha-linolenic acid ), The content is far better than other seeds.

In addition, it is also a source of multiple vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin c, and vitamin A) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium) due to these properties, Making Chia seeds one of the most high-profile crops in feed, food, medicine, nutrition, and other industries recently.

What are the scientifically proven effects of chia seeds/chia seeds?

1. Rich in multiple nutrients

The reason why Chia seeds are used as a staple food by the ancient Aztecs is that it is rich in nutrients, which can make you full of energy after consumption. These benefits have risen after the discovery of modern people’s Asian seed boom.

The following are the nutrients contained in chia seeds per 100g (Note 1)

Carbohydrate: 44g (contains 38g of dietary fiber)

Protein: 15.6 g

Fat: 30.8 g (containing 17.8g of Omega-3s)

Calcium: 631 mg

Iron: 7.72 g

Magnesium: 335 g

Zinc: 4.58 mg

Copper: 0.9 mg

Manganese: 2.2 mg

There are also vitamins B1, B2, and B3, so do n’t underestimate this seed, the nutritional density is very high, it can be said to be the first in whole grains, and it does not contain gluten that can cause allergies. (Gluten-free), it is best to confirm that the product is organically certified and non-genetically modified before purchase.

2. Low-calorie and rich in fiber

Among the nutrients above, 44g of carbonized compounds per 100g of chia seeds, but 38g of them are dietary fiber, accounting for about 40%, which is a source of high-quality fiber. These dietary fibers do not contain calories and will not cause blood sugar to rise. It can also be used as food by good bacteria in the intestine, which can help the growth of good bacteria and promote gastrointestinal function;

Due to its fiber-rich nature, it can absorb 10 times its own volume of water, and it will become like a gel-like substance when it is in water. The speed of absorption will keep you from getting too many calories.

3. Stabilize postprandial blood sugar and increase satiety;

For patients with diabetes and the general population, postprandial blood glucose values are regarded as important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke, retinopathy, renal failure, and neurological complications;

The main reason is related to the oxidative stress caused by hyperglycemia, which can easily cause vascular endothelial dysfunction, increase the degree of inflammation, vasoconstriction, and increase the carotid intima thickness;

A randomized crossover trial (targeted at 15 healthy adults) pointed out that chia seeds can significantly slow the rate of conversion of carbohydrates to sugar (reducing blood glucose peaks, time to peak) and increase The satiety of the examinee. ;

The underlying mechanism is related to the high dietary fiber contained in chia seeds and the high viscosity produced after soaking;

Conclusion: Chia seeds can slow down the rate of postprandial blood sugar rise and increase satiety, which is conducive to blood sugar control.

4. Improve weight loss effectiveness

According to information published by the World Health Organization, the global obese population has doubled in the past 20 years, and about 1.9 billion adults are overweight, of which 600 million are obese;

Obesity not only causes psychological pressure, but also has extensive effects on the body, including type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and various forms of cancer (endometrial cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer), And cognitive dysfunction are related to it;

A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial (a 6-month study involving 77 overweight or obese diabetic patients who received a calorie-restricted diet) pointed out that eating chia seeds was more significant than the control group eating oat bran. Lose weight and improve the effects of obesity-related risk factors (such as C-reactive protein and adiponectin). (Note 7)

The underlying mechanism may be related to chia seeds rich in dietary fiber, which can relieve hunger after ingestion and reduce postprandial blood sugar;

Conclusion: The use of chia seeds in addition to the calorie-restricted diet has the effect of improving weight loss.

Reduce Cholesterol Products

5. Rich in plant antioxidants

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, which can slow down the acidification of fats in the seeds so that the seeds can last longer, and more importantly, antioxidants can fight free radicals that cause aging and disease; belong to herbal natural functional food.

Ingesting natural antioxidants from food is the same as keeping health.

6. Chia seeds are rich in protein

Protein accounts for about 14% of chia seeds, which is very much in plants. Because the proportion is complete, it is very conducive to human absorption;

Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the human body to maintain life, and it even helps to lose weight. Studies have shown that supplementing a sufficient amount of protein can help increase satiety and reduce the craving for snacks by 60%, which can help lose weight Reduce the intake of starchy foods;

Therefore, chia seeds are a high-quality source of protein for vegetarians and dieters and can be included in daily diet items.

7. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3, accounting for about 18%. Studies have shown that Omega-3 can be converted into prostaglandins (PGE3) in the human body, which can help the body fight inflammation. Eliminate edema. Lowering blood pressure also helps stabilize mood. Improve mood, these are the key factors to reduce excessive eating behavior;

8. Chia seeds can lower bad cholesterol. Triglyceride

Because chia seeds are rich in fiber. Protein and Omega-3, these nutrients can increase the body’s metabolism, and found in several studies, if you eat chia seeds evenly in your diet. Foods such as protein and oatmeal, reduce cholesterol products, increase good cholesterol, and reduce inflammation, have positive benefits for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

9. Chia seeds are rich in calcium and can improve bone health

Chia seeds contain a variety of nutrients that promote bone health, including calcium. phosphorus. Magnesium and protein, and the calcium content are 631 milligrams per 100 grams of calcium, which is about 6 times that of milk (110 grams of calcium in 100 grams of milk). For people, chia seeds are a very good source of calcium.


Health and wellness supplier China introduces the role and efficacy of seaweed.

Basic introduction of seaweed

Seaweed is usually fixed on the seafloor or some solid structure, and it is a single plant or a long list of simple plants composed of basic cells. A large number of aquatic plants that do not produce stems or leaves when they appear. The most common large seaweed is seaweed, such as green algae, red algae, and brown algae. The root-shaped fixator only has the fixation function, but cannot absorb nutrients. Seaweed is often densely formed in shallow water. A clear zone is formed on the shore within a depth of 50 meters (about 165 feet). Algae growing on the high tide line are often exposed to the air; algae under the low tide line cannot be exposed to the air for a long time, so they cannot grow near the coast, such as Fucus, Macrocystis, sea Nereocystis, Laminaria and other groups can only breed below 18 ° C (64 ° F) and are only distributed in cold waters.

Seaweed is a hidden plant in the plant kingdom. Algae include several different types of organisms that produce energy through photosynthesis. They are generally considered to be simple plants, the main features are no vascular bundle tissue, no differentiation of true roots, stems, and leaves; no flowering, no fruits, and seeds; no special protective tissue for reproductive organs, often directly Cells produce spores or gametes; and no embryo formation. Because of the simple structure of algae, some botanists attribute it to the “frond flora” of lower plants, along with fungi.

The efficacy and role of seaweed

1. Protect the elasticity of blood vessels

Seaweed contains a large amount of iodine that can significantly reduce the cholesterol content in the blood. Regular food is helpful to maintain the function of the cardiovascular system and make the blood vessels full of elasticity, thus ensuring the normal supply of skin nutrition.

2. Improve oil secretion

Seaweed is rich in methionine and cystine, which can prevent dry skin. Regular food can also make dry skin shiny and oily skin can improve oil secretion.

3. Prevention of leukemia

To prevent leukemia, alginic acid can be combined with the radioactive element strontium to form an insoluble substance and discharged from the body, so that strontium does not cause leukemia in the body.

Seaweed Jelly

The nutritional value of seaweed jelly

1. Seaweed contains a special protein called lyophilic protein, which can also be used in the separation and detection of blood cells, the production of drug carriers, immune antibodies, and medical uses of anti-cancer drugs. Seaweed glycoproteins will be used in the diagnosis of immune system functions in the future. There is great potential for the diagnosis of tumor formation and metastasis and other clinical applications.

2. The substances that enhance immunity and anti-cancer activity in seaweed are special polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, pigments, and low molecular substances. In traditional Chinese medicine, several brown algae can be used to prevent and treat cancer after cooking. The main component of this hot water extract is polysaccharides.

3. Seaweed is rich in dietary fiber. Generally, the fiber content of seaweed is about 30 ~ 65% of dry weight, which is much larger than the average content of beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Therefore, a moderate increase in the intake of algae fiber can lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, help the normal pattern of the heart and blood vessels, and prevent cancer. In addition, after the seaweed food fiber enters the human gastrointestinal tract, it swells due to the absorption of water, which can easily cause a feeling of satiety, avoid obesity caused by ingesting too much food and achieve the effect of weight loss and health care. Food fiber in the body can help digestion and promote waste excretion, improve constipation, avoid the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.

4. Seaweed contains a variety of vitamins, mainly vitamins B12, C and E, biotin, and nicotinic acid, which have a positive effect on human metabolism and the prevention and recovery of many diseases.

5. Seaweed contains more kinds and quantities of natural inorganic elements than land plants. Among them, sodium, potassium, iron, and calcium are the most abundant. Iron is a component of heme, and iron deficiency is one of the causes of anemia; calcium is a component that forms human bones and teeth, and is also required to maintain the normal function of cell membranes; if the body lacks iodine, it will cause abnormal thyroid function; magnesium can relieve pressure To avoid heart disease caused by tension.

6. Some edible seaweeds such as laver, palm algae, Ulva, and Shifa have more protein, about 20-39% of the dry weight of the algae. Seaweed contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids essential for the human body. It is important that most types have amino acids containing thiamine, such as taurine, methionine, cystine, and their derivatives. The content of the spirulina is about 41-72 mg. In addition to the high amount of taurine in breast milk, eggs, and legumes, most land-based food proteins are mostly lacking or lacking in thiamine-containing acids. Insufficient intake will affect human health.


Green plum tastes sour and sweet, very attractive, and eating green plum can also open our appetite, enhance our appetite. Not only that but do you really know anything about green plums? In fact, its nutritional value is also very high. Green plum is a kind of versatile fruit. Today we are going to talk about the world of green plum with the herbal care product manufacturer.

The common practice of green plum

1. Eat directly

We can eat green plum directly, the green plum can be washed with water as a fruit to eat directly, but not processed green plum is very acid, some people like to eat sour things, but some people can not stand it.

2. Pickled green plums

First into the pot to add the right amount of water, wait until the water boils put in the green plum hot, then out of the blow-dry, according to personal taste to add the right amount of salt marinate for a month can eat, this can help our bodies, promote digestion, but also can ease abdominal distension.

3. Green plum made of honey

First of all, we should choose those fresh green plums with hard meat and green color. We should put the prepared plums in a jar and sprinkle them with salt in layers. After marinating them for two months, we should cut them in half with a knife, remove the seeds and soak them in water for ten hours.Remove the salt and remove the water. Mix the sugar solution to a concentration of 30%. Put the green plum in the sugar solution for 12 hours. Add granulated sugar in batches for 15 days and bring to a boil with the sugar in a pan. Let dry until the sugar thickens and is ready to eat.

4. Green plum wine

First, prepare a proper amount of fresh green plums, wash them with water, and dry them. Then put them into the jar and add about 45° of white wine. After half a year, you can drink them.

Precautions for eating green plum

Don’t overeat

When eating a green plum, the first thing to be careful not to eat more. In general, it is ok to eat one or two a day because childhood is a very sour food, if eat too much, will very stimulate our intestines and stomach, health also is no good to the body, therefore, if you want to lose weight through childhood, can only put the greengage as the auxiliary fruit reducing weight, but can’t eat only childhood to lose weight.

Green plum is recommended after meals

Generally speaking, we had better not hollow eat those special sour green plum, had better want to eat after the meal, because can achieve the goal of appetizing and consuming food, still have the effect of reducing weight even, and to our intestines and stomach stimulation also is not so big.

Green plum can’t eat with what

Mold is a kind of alkaline fruit, so he doesn’t fit and pork liver, sheep and food to eat, although there are no side effects, it is easy to cause indigestion, also is not good for our stomach, so greengage and this food should eat less or do not eat, such ability can have the effect of compensatory nutrition, or eat childhood and the food has no effect. Also need us to pay attention to is that we generally eat the green plum is not mature fruit, so when the green plum is ripe, there is a kind of hydrocyanic acid, this substance contains toxins, so when you eat must be carefully selected, do not eat the wrong.

Herbal Care Product Manufacturer

Who can’t eat green plums

Green plum is not suitable for all people. First of all, people with very severe stomach ulcers or stomach perforations can eat, but they must eat in moderation and not too much. Generally speaking, as long as the stomach does not have any special big problem, it can be eaten. Because childhood is a kind of strong alkaline food, it can regulate the acid-base balance in us, immediately constipation relief, or good for our health.

Can you eat green plum directly

Just picked from the tree of childhood, in general, will not be able to eat directly, can be placed again after a period of time to eat better, because direct eat very acid, we can put in the childhood with salt or sugar water soak for a few hours, so no less acid, and childhood usually chemical pesticides, eat directly, there is a lot of pesticide ingredients, so for the sake of our health should be first to use salt water to soak for a period of time to eat again, this effect is the best.

Eat green plum to reduce weight

Eating green plum has the effect of detoxification and defecation, so if it is because of the body toxin deposition caused by obesity, eating green plum is a certain effect of weight loss, but if you want to rely on green plum to lose weight, it is best not to do so.

Original childhood when we eat so many doorways, we usually eat are some of the products, rarely eat a fresh green plum, because the childhood is very acid, and there are a lot of people can not accept, so we all eat candied fruit, so taste and high nutritional value, but also very sweet, not too greasy.




Childhood health products manufacturers for you to introduce: childhood is a kind of Green fruit, contains a lot of organic acids, also contains a lot of cellulose, after using can promote gastric acid secretion and promote intestinal peristalsis, can help to digest food, and improve the ability to digest food.t.

Can green plum reduce weight?

Green plum is to be able to reduce weight, the effect reducing the weight of green plum is limited nevertheless, can have the effect that assists reducing weight only, want to rely on eating green plum to reduce weight alone so it is not realistic, need to cooperate other reducing weight means, will see the principle that green plum can reduce weight below.

1. The essence of green plum

Green plum contains rich green plum essence, almost every kilogram green plum contains 20 grams penicillin, it is the fruit that contains green plum essence highest that discovers at present, and green plum essence can enhance physical strength, still have a clean body at the same time, reduce weight hairdressing effect.

2. The cellulosic composition of green plum

Greengage contains large amounts of cellulose, edible after childhood, cellulose can swell in the stomach, can promote the secretion of gastric acid, promote digestion of food, and fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, speed up the discharge of food, reduce food in the intestinal absorption time, reduce the body’s absorption of carbohydrate and fat, with a purge the effect that reduces weight.


Improve Gastrointestinal Metabolites

3. The organic acid component of green plum

Green plum contains a variety of organic acids, among which malic acid can decompose the body inside the fat, and make it out of the body, so obese people in the continuous consumption of green plum after the body too much oil and fat, have the effect of reducing weight.

Does green plum reduce weight to have a side effect?

Green plum reducing weight is to do not have side effects almost, nevertheless, green plum flavor slants sour because these intestines and stomachs are bad the person wants to eat green plum less.

Green plum has effect reducing weight, but unfavorable only edible green plum does not eat the diet of other things to reduce weight, because green plum taste acid, edible overmuch easy to cause stomach upset, also easy to lead to the rebound of reducing weight, green plum can only be used as the promotion of reducing weight fruit edible.

Eat green plum to reduce weight cannot overdo, every day 1 to 2 advisable. Because green plum is too acid, ate many meetings to stimulate intestines and stomach, go against healthy. Accordingly, green plum can regard as the promotion that reduces weight only auxiliary fruit, do not suggest to eat green plum alone to reduce weight. Green plum can be made into dried fruit, dried fruit, jam, etc. Do not eat the green plum of acid on an empty stomach additionally, had better eat green plum after the meal,  achieve the goal that reduces weight, also unlikelihood stimulates intestines and stomach at the same time.

The effect and function of green plum


Green plum taste acid has the function of producing saliva to quench thirst and appetizing to relieve depression, edible green plum or the dried products made by green plum or green plum preserved fruit can stab into the taste so that people have the appetite to eat, to anorexia, less food and so on have the improvement effect.

2.Promote digestion and absorption

Childhood is a kind of green fruit, contains a lot of organic acids, also contains a lot of cellulose, after using can promote gastric acid secretion and promote intestinal peristalsis, can help to digest food, and improve the ability to digest food, gastrointestinal tract promote digestion and absorption, belong to improve gastrointestinal metabolites.

3.Eliminate fatigue

Green plum is a kind of green fruit, which contains a lot of organic acid and a lot of cellulose at the same time. It can promote the secretion of gastric acid and promote the peri-motion of the intestine after use. It can help digest food and improve the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to digest food.

4.The sterilization

Green plum contains a variety of organic acids, including citric acid, tannic acid, tartaric acid, etc., these plant organic acids have a bactericidal effect, can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, improve the intestinal bactericidal effect, to some extent has an anti-inflammatory, antidiarrhea effect.

Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces you to the eight major effects of green plum.


Ome because of its strong bactericidal effect, it can be used for typhoid fever, cholera, diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea, prevention of food poisoning and itching of some skin diseases, and even has a good preventive effect on influenza. There is a saying that in the hot summer, as long as a dried plum is placed under the rice, it can prevent the rice from turning rancid, which is the best evidence of the strong sterilization effect of green plum. Like the bird flu and SARS that appeared in our country in previous years, it can be treated and prevented by plums, but unfortunately, not many people know about it. It can also be used to treat female gynecological itch problems;


Ome because it is rich in organic acids, it has the effects of strengthening the stomach, promoting the repair of gastric mucosa, preventing ulcers of gastric mucosa, and has a good therapeutic effect on some gastritis;


Green plum can stimulate the intestine, accelerate the intestinal motility, promote digestion and absorption, and has a good effect in regulating constipation caused by liver drainage function. It is a relief constipation herbal product.


The plum contained in green plum can improve blood circulation, promote the timely excretion of excessive uric acid, and at the same time can adjust the internal environment of purine metabolism in the body, so that the production and excretion of uric acid tend to be balanced, preventing the onset of gout from the source. Because it can improve blood circulation, it also has a therapeutic effect on Meniere’s disease (Ménière’s disease);


Japanese science has confirmed that green plum has a good effect on resisting the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme. It can suppress the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme to less than 1/10 of the average. 3 grams of green plum per day can easily maintain the stability of the body ’s blood pressure. In a sense, it has a significant effect on improving palpitation and palpitations;


Green plum is rich in organic acids, which can strengthen the detoxification function of the liver and can prevent the liver from depositing in the liver and blood vessels, so green plum has a significant role in regulating the “three highs”. It is also very effective in hangover and liver protection, has a good liver protection effect, and is a boon for people who need to drink and socialize regularly;


Ome because of its acidity and alkalinity, it can easily improve and regulate the constitution, effectively inhibit the histamine and other chemical transmission substances released by the mast cells, purify the blood, normalize the immune function, prevent the imbalance of the body, and also have good allergies The regulatory effect;


Green plum has a very good antioxidant effect, effectively inhibits the occurrence of active oxygen, keeps cells running normally, and plums every day can slow down the rate of body aging, in other words, it is an excellent product for beauty and beauty.

Relief Constipation Herbal Product

Diet therapy is not only highly regarded in China, but also popular in North America. For example, blueberry anti-aging, black chocolate prevents heart disease, curry anti-cancer, celery increases sexiness, and so on. Unlike traditional Chinese medicine, Westerners do not have a variety of “treasury of traditional Chinese medicine,” such as the five elements of yin and yang. Such high and profound theories are used as a basis, so it is always necessary to dig out the modern scientific basis of diet therapy. Utero care concentrated juice is said to have health and anti-infective effects (especially anti-urinary tract infections) originated from the local Indians. It has been in the West for hundreds of years. Natural Anti-Inflammatory product is the best natural food therapy for preventing and curing various bacterial infections, urethritis, cystitis, and chronic pyelonephritis in women’s daily urinary system. So is there any scientific basis for the effects of cranberry juice that local Canadians talk about?
Cranberry (Cranberry), also known as cranberry, cranberry, cranberry, wormwood, etc. (as shown below) is a kind of vine-like shrub with small round fruits and elastic skin. The origin is concentrated in North America and other places. There is also a small amount of production in Northeast China.
Cranberry sauce is an essential meal for many Westerners to enjoy roast turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cranberry juice is also a must-have in the famous cocktail Cosmopolitan.
Cranberry juice health benefits:
According to related reports, the health benefits of cranberry juice include the following six aspects:
1. Anti-aging effect
As we age, free radicals (chemical radicals) accumulate in the body. Free radicals can cause oxidative damage to cells. There is a close relationship between oxidative damage and our health problems, such as a tumor, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Cranberry juice contains antioxidants or compounds that fight against harmful free radicals. The antioxidant function in cranberry and cranberry juice may help to combat the damage to human tissue caused by the accumulation of free radicals caused by aging. A 2011 study found that the lower the pH of the chemical in cranberry, the better its antioxidant activity. The study also found that cranberry juice has antioxidant properties, but cranberry fruit obviously has stronger antioxidants.

Utero care concentrated juice

2. Good for heart health
Studies have shown that various ingredients in cranberry juice can improve heart health. A 2011 study of a female metabolic syndrome found that cranberry juice increased antioxidants in the plasma. People who drink cranberry juice also have the lowest low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is called the “bad” type of dialysis. Another study in 2011 found that cranberry juice can improve the health of patients with coronary heart disease. Among the study population who drank the laboratory preparation of double-strength cranberry juice, the mean carotid-femoral artery pulse wave velocity (a method of measuring arterial stiffness) slowed down.

3. Treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections

Searching the medical literature did find many related research reports, and the research results were basically the same: cranberry juice has the effect of resisting urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections are often caused by E. coli. Although cranberry juice cannot completely eliminate bacteria, the ingredients in it can inhibit the attachment of E. coli to the wall of the urethra and play an anti-infective role. Although the specific active ingredients in cranberry juice are still inconclusive, several clinical experiments have shown that cranberry juice has a significant effect on urinary tract infections. As for the issue of effective dosage, a study shows that drinking 50 ml of cranberry juice daily can reduce urinary tract infections by 20%. Another study showed that drinking 200 ml of unsweetened cranberry juice three times a month can reduce urinary tract infections by up to 50%. In addition, some researchers also found that cranberry food also has the effect of relieving anti-urethral symptoms.

For most people, herbal natural anti-inflammatory food cannot replace conventional antibiotics. But compared to antibiotics, cranberry has not only no side effects but also natural antioxidants and other health benefits. For example, the high content of bioflavonoids in cranberry has a certain anti-aging effect. To sum up, the anti-urinary tract infection effect of cranberry seems to have a high trial value. However, readers should note that when consuming cranberry extract, you need to drink more water to achieve the best results. Friends with the stone disease need to be used with caution.

According to a 2017 study in Frontiers in Microbiology, the antibacterial effect of cranberry juice can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections in mice. This report believes that the decrease in the incidence of UTI is due to the antibacterial properties that reduce the colonization ability of E. coli in the bladder. This bacterium is the E. coli mentioned above and is the cause of most UTIs. A 2016 study was reported in “Health and Medical Alternative Therapy”. Among the subjects who had not had skin-cutting surgery and had a history of repeated urinary tract infections, the experimenters found that these people drink cranberry juice The probability of bacterial infections in their urine samples is lower than those who only took a placebo and had skin cuts. The author concludes from this that cranberry juice may be beneficial in inhibiting the growth of bacterial pathogens.

4. Improve digestive system

There is increasing evidence that the phytochemicals contained in cranberries play an important role in digestive health. A 2018 study in the Journal of Food and Agricultural Science reported, among other benefits, evidence that cranberries are also beneficial for digestive health. The paper points out that inhibiting the production of another bacterium called Helicobacter pylori in the stomach is believed to promote digestive health. The researchers also recommend further research on cranberry juice.

5. Prevent infection

Some chemicals in cranberries may help fight viruses and bacteria.

A 2011 study found that cranberry inhibited the growth of seven types of bacteria. The study did not assess whether cranberry or cranberry juice can prevent human infection with these microorganisms.

Similarly, a 2010 study found that cranberries can resist certain viruses, including Norovirus, which is a common cause of foodborne illness.

The author of the study warned that more research is needed, but believes that cranberries may be a useful method for treating or preventing foodborne diseases.

6. Improve post-menopausal health

Compared with all people of the same age, postmenopausal women have an increased risk of heart disease. A 2013 study investigated this phenomenon in ovariectomized mice. The researchers found that daily consumption of herbal products for relief of dysmenorrhea lowers total cholesterol, suggesting that cranberry products may be useful dietary supplements after menopause. Some studies have also suggested possible side effects of eating such products: studies have found that cranberry juice may interact with certain drugs. For example, cranberries may enhance the effect of a blood thinner called warfarin. For other drugs, different studies are not consistent. However, preliminary studies indicate that cranberry may interact with the following drugs: cyclosporine, flurbiprofen, diclofenac, amoxicillin, cefaclor, midazolam, and tizanidine. If you take these or other medicines, please consult your doctor before using cranberry juice. Research indicates that it may be necessary to monitor the dosage and effect of the drug rather than avoid cranberry juice altogether.


Herbal Products For Relief Of Dysmenorrhea

Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces you to the role of green plum.

1. Shengjin quenches thirst

Green plum tastes sour, has the effect of relieving thirst and appetizing and relieving depression. Eating green plum or dried products made from green plum or preserved plum fruit can pierce the sense of taste, make people have an appetite for eating, and have an improving effect on anorexia and less food.

2. Jianweixiaoshi

Green plum is a green fruit that contains a lot of organic acids and also contains a lot of cellulose. After use, it has the effect of promoting gastric acid secretion and intestinal peristalsis, can help digest food, and improve the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to digest food. Has the effect of Jianweixiaoshi.

3. Eliminate fatigue

The content of vitamins in green plum is relatively high, and the variety is very rich. It also contains a variety of natural minerals, which can relieve the metabolism of the body and relieve fatigue.

4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrhea

Green plum contains a variety of organic acids, including citric acid, tannic acid, tartaric acid, etc. These plant organic acids have a bactericidal effect, can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, improve the bactericidal effect of the intestinal tract, to a certain extent, anti-inflammatory, stop Laxative effect.

5. Slow down aging

Ome and Ome products can stimulate salivary glands to secrete more parotid hormones. This hormone is called “rejuvenating hormone”. It can promote the rejuvenation of blood vessels and whole body tissues, promote cell metabolism, and slow down aging.


Green Plum

The green plum has large cores and small berries, with an upright shape, crispy flesh, fresh and sour. It is acid-based, unique in flavor, rich in nutrition, and has high medicinal value. Plum fruit contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements [iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, calcium, zinc, etc.] In particular, it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids, these amino acids are conducive to the composition of human protein And the normal operation of metabolic functions prevents human cancer and cardiovascular system diseases. The Japanese medical community has conducted research on Ome, and certified that Ome has three functions of “blood purification, detoxification, and sterilization”.

Ome is known as “natural green health food” and is a kind of excellent fruit with both medicine and food. It is recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Therapeutic Materia Medica” and “Sourcing of Materia Medica”. The contemporary Wumei made from green plum was officially listed as the first batch of “both food and medicine” by the Ministry of Health in 2002. Research shows that the content of natural organic acids in green plum is generally 3.0% -6.5%, much higher than that of ordinary fruits, such as citric acid, malic acid, ursolic acid, catechin, tartaric acid, succinic acid, pyruvic acid, acetic acid, The citric acid content accounts for about 80% of the total acid content. Citric acid and ursolic acid can effectively eliminate fatigue and play a role in relieving fatigue, while malic acid can effectively promote gastric juice secretion, promote digestion, and play a role in strengthening the stomach and digesting food. Others have effects such as relieving thirst, promoting metabolism, beautifying the skin, anti-aging and anti-tumor.

Green plum is rich in amino acids, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B2, carotene, niacin and so on. The effect and function of green plum: It has the functions of regulating the gastrointestinal health, promoting intestinal peristalsis, and promoting the secretion of digestive juice. It can be used to improve constipation. It can improve the detoxification function of the liver and enhance the body’s detoxification ability.