Many people say that I am defecation on time every day. Should I have no stool? In fact, the stool is almost everyone’s, but a small problem. Today, health and wellness provider China shares with you how seaweed jelly removes toxins and feces from the body. Let’s take a look.

Suspension and toxicity
Due to the fold structure of the intestines, even if we excrete it every day, there is always some food residue left in the folds of the intestines. These food residues dry, deteriorate and ferment under the influence of bacteria and accumulate over a long period of time. 7mm, 5-6mm black, unpleasant smell, toxic substances, firmly adhered to the intestinal wall, like rust, they slowly eroded our body, people used to call it stool.

The source of all diseases comes from blood poisoning, while the source of toxins comes from enteric toxins. The inconvenience of one day is equivalent to inhaling three packs of toxins, and the body will age for one year!

Enteric toxicity accumulates in the human gut for a long time, in which the content of bacteria and decomposition products is higher than that of feces. If a large amount of catabolically harmful substances cannot be discharged in time, some of them can be absorbed through the colonic mucosa and enter the liver through the portal system. On the one hand, this increases the burden on the liver, accumulates the detoxification enzyme system of the liver, and impairs liver function; metabolism, harmful substances enter certain organs and systems in the blood to cause certain damage.

Causes toxicity to the body
1. After being absorbed by the blood and infiltrating into the whole body, it causes serious damage to internal organs, which affects the health of the body and the beauty of the face.

2, toxic toxicity will reduce the dust on the lungs, the filtering function of metal particles, prone to acne, yellow skin, bad breath and other issues.

3. Enterol toxicity can increase the detoxification burden of the liver, causing liver fire, the skin is black and yellow, pigmentation increases, and the body’s resistance is reduced.

4, lead to toxicity can cause premature skin aging, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, stains and other problems, while the skin appears rough, dry or greasy.

5, in vivo toxicity will accumulate toxins in the lymph around the subcutaneous cells of the feces, resulting in the accumulation of feces, swollen excess.

6, enteric toxicity will in turn affect the digestion and excretion of the gastrointestinal tract, easy to form constipation, diarrhea, diarrhea, bad breath and other issues. There is a phenomenon of slow thinking, insomnia and fatigue. The law of life is chaotic, the skin turns yellow, rough, inelastic, and has acne.

7, toxic toxicity will increase blood viscosity, blood lipids, triglycerides, increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and colon cancer.

8, can also cause toxicity in the body: endocrine disorders, blood deficiency, early menopause, accelerate aging.

Seaweed jelly detoxification is cleaner
1. Seaweed jelly supplements the trace elements of the human body and completes the digestion and absorption process of the food in the human body to promote metabolism. Complete the detoxification and detoxification process while promoting the tricarboxylic acid cycle, which is a metabolic pathway prevalent in aerobic organisms. This is the most natural way to detoxify the structure and physiological functions of the human body.

2, algae jelly can help break down toxic tissues, remove residual carbon dioxide, foreign matter, free radicals and metabolic wastes in tissues and organs, so that the body can be purified and purified. At the same time, the body also supplements nutrition during detoxification.

3, seaweed jelly has the function of purifying blood, can decompose and eliminate lipid peroxides and acidic metabolites in the blood, maintain the weak alkaline state of the blood, purify the blood by detoxification, and end the sub-health state.

4, seaweed can accelerate the elimination of endotoxin. Cytotoxins do not absorb nutrients and endotoxin cannot be excreted. Seaweed Jelly delivers oxygen and nutrients directly to cells, removing toxins from cells and repairing damaged cells.

5, seaweed jelly can promote the body’s peristalsis, improve the metabolic products of the rehabilitation, inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria, effectively remove toxins and feces.

6, corrosive human endotoxin and environmental toxins are gradual and continuous, detoxification process can not be once and for all. Seaweed jelly detoxification has this continuous and uninterrupted function. 1-2 seaweed jelly, High Purity herbal products, no side effects, and good health.

Seaweed jelly

Healthcare Improve Foods Seaweed Jelly

1、The difference between treatment and conditioning

When people are sick, there must be something wrong with their internal organs. Why? Just like there is a pile of garbage on your doorstep, it will attract flies, and there will be flies in every room of your house. A fly in a room is like a disease in which organ. The function of the hospital is to treat each organ separately(brain, liver and bile, kidney, internal medicine, and surgery), which is equivalent to a separate room division to hit flies. The key to healthy conditioning is to clean up the trash, and no matter where the flies are, we will clean up the whole trash first. If you hit a fly in one room, the fly may be repeated in this room again, and the room will be clean only if you clean up all the trash. Health is to have no flies, if you want to have no flies, you must clean up the trash first! If the garbage is gone, there will be no flies naturally, so conditioning is more important!

2、Difference between recovery and control

Have you ever heard the saying, “The disease is under control, whether it can be restored or depends on the patient’s own immune situation.” But ask each patient, want to control the disease, or to restore health? All patients will answer that wants to be healthy. People are sick, that is, health is going downhill. Stepping on the brakes means that the control does not continue to slide. But to get back to health, you have to step on the gas. Step on the gas to continue going up, stepping on the throttle is to restore immunity, restore immunity, restore blood, restore vascular patency, restore endocrine, restore nutritional balance.

3、Why one disease is treated, other body problems improve as well?

The internal organs of a person are like 11 fish. The blood environment of a person is like the water in a fish tank. The growth of a fish is determined by the quality of the water. If one of the fish is sick, the methods of cure are to replace the sick fish, throw it away, or treat the fish. Just like a person is sick, cut off the broken organs, replace them, or treat the broken organs with drugs. And the method of conditioning is to improve water quality. When the water quality gets better, the sick fish will naturally get better slowly. It’s like cleaning up the garbage in human’s blood, purifying the blood, the blood is healthy, and the disease will be cured naturally. Whether fish can be raised well or not depends on the water quality, and whether people are healthy or not depends on physical condition.

4、 The first step to recuperate the body

The steps of body conditioning are like decorating a house. Before the decoration garbage has been cleaned out, luxury furniture can be contaminated by garbage. It is not easy to absorb any more supplements without removing toxins from the body. That is a virtual free fill. Therefore, when the body appears virtual free fill, it is necessary to think about whether the body’s garbage toxin is too much, and it has not been able to install new nutrients. The virtual free filling is the body telling you that it’s time to detoxify.

5、Is the disease really from the mouth?

Imagine that you have a reservoir in your house. The reservoir has a water inlet and a water outlet. One day, the water in the reservoir overflowed. Is this a problem with the water inlet or the water outlet? People’s daily diet is like filling the body’s reservoir with water. One day, the body suddenly got sick. We should think about whether it is not because the things we eat are filled with our bodies, but because the toxins in the body are not discharged, blocking the detoxification of our body, eventually leading to the emergence of the disease. So what really makes us sick is the toxins that can’t be eliminated.

6、Sometimes the reaction is just to save your life.

Let’s compare the internal organs of the human body to a mechanical watch, the liver is one of the gears, if only strengthen the liver to restore the effectiveness of this gear, while ignoring the improvement of other gears, then the watch needle still can not turn. In order to maintain the normal operation of the mechanical watch, the first step is to clean up the dust and garbage inside the watch, and the second step is to add lubricant to the gears so that the watch can run normally. It is also like a fire. If only one of the flames is extinguished, the overall fire is still out of control. Therefore, in order to condition the disease, we must regulate all organs in an all-round way, so that all organs can work normally. Follow the essence of traditional Chinese medicine health care: Purification, Digestion, Condition, Supplement and Consolidate these five words. It will make you get twice the result with half the effort and exceed your expectations. May everyone find the right direction and method of conditioning.

7、Detoxification is important

The house is long unoccupied, wallpaper is easy to get wet and moldy. At this time, if you do not open the window to get fresh air, clean up the room garbage, even if you change the new wallpaper will be wet and moldy again. It’s just like our body. If we don’t detoxify for a long time, it will lead to excessive hepatotoxins and kidney toxins. If you do not clean up the organs, blood toxins, and only use drugs to lower the liver and kidney indicators, one day, the liver and kidney indicators will exceed the standard again.

8、 What is a detoxification reaction?

There are two steps to clean the room. The first step is to sweep the garbage from electrical appliances and furniture to the ground. The second step is to sweep the garbage from the ground out of the door.  Restoring health is also a two-step process: clearing toxins from the organs into the blood and excreting toxins from the blood outside the body. When the first step of cleaning the room is completed, the room is dusty and dirty. But after the second step, the room will become completely cleaned. People who know how to keep in good health will finish all two steps. People who don’t know how to keep in good health will complain about getting worse and worse after completing the first step. This is actually due to the lack of health concept.

9、Directions and methods

If the sewer is blocked by grease, the best way is not to replace a larger pipe, but to flush hot water, you can dredge the pipe. If there are high blood lipid and thick blood in the blood vessel, the best way is not to dilate the blood vessel, but to discharge the garbage in the blood vessel. Make your body recover, improve immunity, blood vessel oil will naturally be discharged. The method is to lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. The direction is to improve the immunity, restore the body, let the fat discharge.

A strong, resilient immune system is the foundation of good health. If you’re struggling with any type of chronic virus, skin troubles, and a generally weak immune system, red marine algae is worth learning more about.

What is Red Marine Algae?

Red Marine Algae, commonly known as a sea vegetable, is a type of algae that grows abundantly in the ocean. It has been used by Chinese and Japanese cultures for centuries for its nutritional benefits.

There are more than 4,000 species of red algae, and two of the most beneficial and potent strains are Gigartina and Dumontiacea. It’s suggested to take both strains together.

Gigartina & Dumontiacea Strains of Red Marine Algae

Gigartina papillate is an active strain of red marine algae found particularly beneficial for the skin and immune system. It’s very rich is sulfated polysaccharides, which are unique protein-bound carbohydrates, found to support the body’s immune response to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins.

Gigartina red marine algae also contains carrageenan, a sulphuric acid extracted from sea vegetables. This carrageenan component seems to help direct the beneficial immune-enhancing effects of Gigartina toward the skin. People use gigartina for chronic viruses like oral herpes, genital herpes, shingles, HIV, influenza, and mononucleosis.

Dumontiacea is a specific type shown to have antiviral properties. People specifically use this strain for herpes simplex virus I and II because it may suppress the herpes virus in the initial stages of a flare-up, and increase the length of time between outbreaks.

Health Benefits of Red Marine Algae

Red marine algae supports a healthy immune system and steady immune system response because of its sulfated polysaccharide content.

Red marine algae is used to support healthy skin (psoriasis, eczema, herpes), hair, nails, and immunity. It may support quick recovery and a decrease in the severity of skin troubles and lesions. Customers have reported that Red Marine Algae Plus has changed their lives, and have permanently switched to this product over L-lysine and over-the-counter topical creams.

Despite its recently trendy, superfood status, seaweed has been used all over the world for thousands of years, but has most notably been a prominent part of Asian diets for the longest period of time, particularly in Japan, Korea, and China. There are thought to be over 10,000 species of seaweed, reflecting its immense diversity, both in flavor and nutritional properties. The most popular seaweed species are nori, which is dried in sheets and widely used to make sushi. Other common varieties include dulse, arame, wakame, kelp, and spirulina. Sea vegetables also have a long history in ancient medicine, folklore, farming and food growing in Europe, particularly in Ireland.

Nutritional benefits

Sea vegetables are full of nutrients. Coming in a multitude of colours, textures, shapes, and sizes, all types contain a rich supply of minerals, most prominently calcium, copper, iodine and iron. They are also rich in protein, fiber and vitamins, specifically vitamin K and folic acid while being low in calories and fat.


Thanks to their impressive nutritional profile, seaweeds are beneficial to health and are thought to help the body fight illness and disease. The Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and one significant, standout dietary habit is their regular consumption of seaweeds. Seaweeds contain a molecule known as fucoidans, which are believed to be responsible for these impressive health benefits, contributing not just to overall life expectancy, but also to immunity and cardiovascular function.

A 2011 review of 100 studies on the benefits of seaweeds, published in the American Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, reported seaweeds may be used to help lower blood pressure and promote heart health.

The quest for umami – or the fifth taste – by chefs and foodies alike has highlighted another key component of seaweeds – their high glutamate content, an amino acid, necessary for normal brain function. Dashi, a traditional Japanese broth, heralded as the ‘mother’ of umami, has seaweed as a core ingredient. Research suggests that it’s the high glutamate content of certain seaweeds that provides the umami flavoring.