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Nowadays, due to the rapid development of society, serious environmental damage, and the pressure of life, more and more people around us have been suffering from sub-health and chronic diseases for a long time.

In 2012, Mr. Xu Huishan, Chairman of Easylife, communicated with many experts in the health care of Chinese and Western doctors at home and abroad. Learn from it and realize that when using Chinese and Western medicines for conditioning and treatment, the medicine will cause other damage to the body and cause side effects.

Looking through a large number of Eastern and Western medical health books, the feasibility of “medicine and food homology” in Chinese medicine theory is demonstrated. In the exchanges with Taiwan scholars and entrepreneurs, we found a direction based on the theory of Chinese medicine combined with the world’s advanced biotechnology to develop functional foods which will not cause any side effects.

In 2013, Chairman Xu Huishan and Taiwanese entrepreneur Guan Decheng set up a research and development center in Taiwan and established a production base in Fujian in the same year. In 2014, Shenzhen Perfect Life Health Management Co., Ltd. was formally established. At the same time, we issue products to market. In 2018, company continuously absorbed product experience and summarized the opinions of patients, and developed a series of products based on the theory of “Purfication, Digestion, Conditioning, Supplement, Consolidate”, which was strongly welcomed by patients.

By 2018, our Easylife brand products have been exported to 28 countries and regions, and continue to expand. Welcome to join us.

healthcare company work shop


Perfect Life has been focusing on the human health industry since founded. And constantly explore how to provide consumers with high-quality, green and environmentally friendly functional foods that improve health and quality of life.


Perfect Lifes’s product research and development is based on the ancient Chinese “HuangDiNeiJing”, “Shen Nong Baicao” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, combined with advanced modern scientific theory and biological extraction technology. Perfect Lifes has developed a series of products that detoxify, laxative, regulate the body, supplement nutrition, and consolidate health.

healthcare company work shop