Although dandelion is a common flower and grass plant, when the seeds of dandelion are mature, its flocculent fluff will flutter with the wind, sowing the mature seeds to the earth. But at the same time, dandelion is also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which not only has good health care value but also has a good curative effect in treating diseases. So, dandelion is effective and effective?

Dandelion contains an extremely rich nutritional value. The contents of dandelion, dandelion alcohol, choline, organic acids, and inulin are very high, and it is also rich in carbohydrates, protein, and various trace elements and vitamins. Appropriate intake of these nutrients can promote human health. Below, herbal products manufacturers China will briefly introduce the effects and effects of dandelion.

1. Detoxification

Boiling dandelion with water or drinking tea can clear the body of heat and toxicity, especially the effect of removing liver heat is very prominent. Moreover, it has a good effect on various wound infections such as purulent infection.

2. Oral ulcers

In real life, many friends are often tortured by recurrent oral ulcers, and this disease is mainly caused by hemolytic streptococcal infections, so it will cause repeated attacks of oral ulcers. And dandelion can kill this germ very well, so as to inhibit its further reaction, and has a very good effect in treating recurrent oral ulcers.

3. Eliminate carbuncle

Dandelion brewed tea or boiled with water, after taking it can treat the bloated and poisonous disease, original: wWw.pJCn.ORg, and can also treat high fever without remission. For women after childbirth, drinking dandelion water properly can play the role of milking, and it has an obvious effect in the treatment of milk carbuncle.

4. Antibacterial and antibacterial

Because the leaves of dandelion contain some specific substances, the human body can effectively inhibit the invasion of typhoid bacillus and staphylococcus aureus to the human body after taking it. Therefore, drinking some dandelion tea occasionally can play a role in preventing colds and colds to a certain extent.

5. Protect the stomach

In modern society, many friends often suffer from stomach problems due to irregular diet due to work and other reasons, then dandelion can effectively relieve or treat stomach pain and other diseases. Drinking dandelion tea scientifically can have a certain protective effect on experimental gastric ulcers and gastric mucosa and improve the ability to resist irritation. At the same time, dandelion can also eliminate stomach fire, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

6. Beauty and beauty

Dandelion bubble tea not only tastes good but also has a certain beauty and beauty effect. Drinking dandelion tea scientifically can reduce the risk of dermatitis and eczema. In addition to leaves, dandelion rhizomes can also play a role in reducing fire and acne.

7. Liver protection and diuresis

The rhizome of dandelion has the effect of eliminating liver poison and can play a good preventive role against hepatitis C. At the same time, if the human body has swelling characteristics such as edema, it can also be taken reasonably to the diuretic effect. It can obviously improve the phenomenon of edema in women with premenstrual syndrome.

Relieve Cold Jelly

Pure natural herbs product China supplier shares this article for you.

Honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle, silver flower, double flower, etc., has been known as good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification since ancient times. It is sweet and fragrant, sweet and fragrant, clears the heat without hurting the stomach, and is fragrant and fragrant. Honeysuckle can both disperse wind and heat, and also clear blood poison. It is used for various thermal sexual diseases, such as body heat, rash, plaque, heat and ulcers, sore throat, etc., all of which have significant effects.

Honeysuckle has many effects. There are actually many kinds of honeysuckle. Why would you choose honeysuckle to do it? In fact, honeysuckle is a very good plant. It can be used at home, but it can be used as a bonsai, dried, and used in Chinese medicine. Also great.

Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, with fragrant air, and has the effects of dispersing wind and heat, clearing heat, and detoxifying. It is suitable for various sexually transmitted diseases, such as body heat, heat and ulcers, and sore throat. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the active ingredients in honeysuckle have antibacterial, antiviral, and immune function enhancement effects. In daily life, many people often use honeysuckle to soak in water for health care. Relieve cold jelly mainly has 3 major health effects.

Relieve Cold Jelly

1. Remove fire and prevent bad breath

You can use chrysanthemum or honeysuckle to soak in water to prevent bad breath. Chrysanthemum is weak in the wind and has good heat-clearing power. It is often used for exogenous wind and heat. It is often used with mulberry leaves. It can also be used with baicalin and mountain garden to cure heat and irritability. Chrysanthemum can treat redness and pain of the eyes, regardless of whether it is caused by liver fire or wind and heat. It can be used to clear liver fire and disperse wind and heat. It is often used in combination with cicada and Tribulus Terrestris. If the liver and yin are insufficient, and the eyes are dizzy, it is more suitable to use the raw land and the berries.

2. Treating sore throat and preventing upper respiratory tract infection

Use honeysuckle to make tea instead of water to treat sore throat and prevent upper respiratory tract infection. The method is: take honeysuckle 20 grams, decoction instead of tea or make tea, 1 dose per day.

3. Qushu eyesight

During the summer heat, use honeysuckle and tea to make tea or use tea instead. Phoenix Chinese Medicine reminds us that honeysuckle tea is only suitable for people with moderate or internal heat, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not drink honeysuckle. In addition, overnight honeysuckle tea is best not to drink.

The efficacy of honeysuckle

1. Antibacterial and antiviral

That is, it has a significant inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery, typhoid fever, meningococcus, pneumococcus, pyocyanin, and influenza virus.

2. It has the function of enhancing immunity

Honeysuckle can promote lymphocyte transformation and enhance white blood cell phagocytosis.

3. Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic

Honeysuckle can promote the release of adrenal cortex hormones and has a significant inhibitory effect on inflammation.

4. Used for the beginning of exogenous wind fever or fever

Yinhua Ganhan, not only clears Qi and separates heat, but also clears blood and separates heat, and has a slight power of dissipation during heat removal, so it can cure external symptoms of wind and heat or symptoms of fever of the beginning Another illness. It is often used in combination with forsythia, burdock seed, and mint.

5. Used for sore carbuncle, throat swelling, and pain

Honeysuckle has a strong heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, and it is commonly used in surgery. It is generally used for ulcers and swelling poison with redness, heat, and pain. Forsythia, paeonol, red peony and other decoctions are taken orally, or freshly used to smash the external application.

6. Used for bloody diarrhea caused by heat poisoning (mucus and blood in the feces)

Heat and poison gather in the intestine and enter the blood, then diarrhea and blood in the stool. Yinhua can cool the blood and detoxify the fever, so it can treat bloody dysentery and bloody stools. In clinical practice, Yinhua is often used to stir charcoal.

Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces the role of cassia seed in its efficacy.

Cassia seed is also known as cassia,  mainly produced in Anhui, Guangxi, and other places. Cassia seed in addition to containing sugar, protein, fat, contains emodin, rhein acid on the human body has asthma, bile, liver protection, anti-hypertension effect, and has a certain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Cassia seed can be said to be one of the very common Chinese medicine, it itself has a lot of effects, to our body, can effectively improve the symptoms of sleep. There are many ways of eating cassia seeds, each of which has a different effect

The effect of cassia seed

1. Improve insomnia

If we appeared mild insomnia situation in life, you can choose to treat with cassia seed, cassia seed small cold, but there is a little bit of vanilla scent, this time we can put the semen cassia pillow sleep, will feel more comfortable when you go to sleep at night, and we know that the seeds of semen cassie are hard, have certain effect to treat headache, insomnia.

2, bowel cleansing

When the weather is hot, we should use cassia seed bubble water to drink, which can play a very good role in defecation and intestinal cleansing, hot weather will make our bodies sweat more, the body water loss is rapid, constipation will appear after the situation, but cassia seed bubble water can be very good to relieve these symptoms. Is to improve gastrointestinal metabolism. Cassia seeds is  improve gastrointestinal metabolism products.

Green Plum Health Product

3, decrease internal heat

Winter, we can eat a little bit, cassia seed, people are more likely to lose this time, is likely to grow blain, everybody should eat thereof at this time, it has the very strong function of purging fire, we use the cassia seed bubble water to drink can treat problems were mentioned, we can also be cassia seed with chrysanthemum bubble water to drink, this role will be bigger.

4. Lowering blood lipid

Cassia seed also can fall blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol problems is a big problem, the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are also more and more, so people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol can use cassia seed bubble water to drink, at the time of bubble water can also add honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, daily use can also inhibit the increase of cholesterol.

5, the weight loss

Cassia son still can use reduce weight, cassia son can decompose the redundant fat inside the body, use cassia son to make tea to drink the fat that can get rid of each place inside the body, and cassia son also won’t affect the health of human body, use cassia son bubble water to drink needless to eat very little also can get rid of the fat inside the body.

Side effects of cassia seed

Cassia seed slightly cold, easy to loose bowels, diarrhea, stomach pain, should not drink this tea.It is important to note that cassia preparations should be used with caution in patients with diarrhea and hypotension.The side effect of its “advocate catharsis”, must cause the attention of pregnant woman, new research discovers, long-term drinking light can cause menstruation to be irregular, heavy can make endometrium is not normal, induce preterm delivery thereby.

The biggest side effect of semen cassiae (caocassia) may be defecation and slippery bowel, and there are generally no other problems, but it should not be used in people with loose stools due to qi deficiency.