Diet therapy is not only highly regarded in China, but also popular in North America. For example, blueberry anti-aging, black chocolate prevents heart disease, curry anti-cancer, celery increases sexiness, and so on. Unlike traditional Chinese medicine, Westerners do not have a variety of “treasury of traditional Chinese medicine,” such as the five elements of yin and yang. Such high and profound theories are used as a basis, so it is always necessary to dig out the modern scientific basis of diet therapy. Utero care concentrated juice is said to have health and anti-infective effects (especially anti-urinary tract infections) originated from the local Indians. It has been in the West for hundreds of years. Natural Anti-Inflammatory product is the best natural food therapy for preventing and curing various bacterial infections, urethritis, cystitis, and chronic pyelonephritis in women’s daily urinary system. So is there any scientific basis for the effects of cranberry juice that local Canadians talk about?
Cranberry (Cranberry), also known as cranberry, cranberry, cranberry, wormwood, etc. (as shown below) is a kind of vine-like shrub with small round fruits and elastic skin. The origin is concentrated in North America and other places. There is also a small amount of production in Northeast China.
Cranberry sauce is an essential meal for many Westerners to enjoy roast turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cranberry juice is also a must-have in the famous cocktail Cosmopolitan.
Cranberry juice health benefits:
According to related reports, the health benefits of cranberry juice include the following six aspects:
1. Anti-aging effect
As we age, free radicals (chemical radicals) accumulate in the body. Free radicals can cause oxidative damage to cells. There is a close relationship between oxidative damage and our health problems, such as a tumor, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Cranberry juice contains antioxidants or compounds that fight against harmful free radicals. The antioxidant function in cranberry and cranberry juice may help to combat the damage to human tissue caused by the accumulation of free radicals caused by aging. A 2011 study found that the lower the pH of the chemical in cranberry, the better its antioxidant activity. The study also found that cranberry juice has antioxidant properties, but cranberry fruit obviously has stronger antioxidants.

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2. Good for heart health
Studies have shown that various ingredients in cranberry juice can improve heart health. A 2011 study of a female metabolic syndrome found that cranberry juice increased antioxidants in the plasma. People who drink cranberry juice also have the lowest low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is called the “bad” type of dialysis. Another study in 2011 found that cranberry juice can improve the health of patients with coronary heart disease. Among the study population who drank the laboratory preparation of double-strength cranberry juice, the mean carotid-femoral artery pulse wave velocity (a method of measuring arterial stiffness) slowed down.

3. Treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections

Searching the medical literature did find many related research reports, and the research results were basically the same: cranberry juice has the effect of resisting urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections are often caused by E. coli. Although cranberry juice cannot completely eliminate bacteria, the ingredients in it can inhibit the attachment of E. coli to the wall of the urethra and play an anti-infective role. Although the specific active ingredients in cranberry juice are still inconclusive, several clinical experiments have shown that cranberry juice has a significant effect on urinary tract infections. As for the issue of effective dosage, a study shows that drinking 50 ml of cranberry juice daily can reduce urinary tract infections by 20%. Another study showed that drinking 200 ml of unsweetened cranberry juice three times a month can reduce urinary tract infections by up to 50%. In addition, some researchers also found that cranberry food also has the effect of relieving anti-urethral symptoms.

For most people, herbal natural anti-inflammatory food cannot replace conventional antibiotics. But compared to antibiotics, cranberry has not only no side effects but also natural antioxidants and other health benefits. For example, the high content of bioflavonoids in cranberry has a certain anti-aging effect. To sum up, the anti-urinary tract infection effect of cranberry seems to have a high trial value. However, readers should note that when consuming cranberry extract, you need to drink more water to achieve the best results. Friends with the stone disease need to be used with caution.

According to a 2017 study in Frontiers in Microbiology, the antibacterial effect of cranberry juice can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections in mice. This report believes that the decrease in the incidence of UTI is due to the antibacterial properties that reduce the colonization ability of E. coli in the bladder. This bacterium is the E. coli mentioned above and is the cause of most UTIs. A 2016 study was reported in “Health and Medical Alternative Therapy”. Among the subjects who had not had skin-cutting surgery and had a history of repeated urinary tract infections, the experimenters found that these people drink cranberry juice The probability of bacterial infections in their urine samples is lower than those who only took a placebo and had skin cuts. The author concludes from this that cranberry juice may be beneficial in inhibiting the growth of bacterial pathogens.

4. Improve digestive system

There is increasing evidence that the phytochemicals contained in cranberries play an important role in digestive health. A 2018 study in the Journal of Food and Agricultural Science reported, among other benefits, evidence that cranberries are also beneficial for digestive health. The paper points out that inhibiting the production of another bacterium called Helicobacter pylori in the stomach is believed to promote digestive health. The researchers also recommend further research on cranberry juice.

5. Prevent infection

Some chemicals in cranberries may help fight viruses and bacteria.

A 2011 study found that cranberry inhibited the growth of seven types of bacteria. The study did not assess whether cranberry or cranberry juice can prevent human infection with these microorganisms.

Similarly, a 2010 study found that cranberries can resist certain viruses, including Norovirus, which is a common cause of foodborne illness.

The author of the study warned that more research is needed, but believes that cranberries may be a useful method for treating or preventing foodborne diseases.

6. Improve post-menopausal health

Compared with all people of the same age, postmenopausal women have an increased risk of heart disease. A 2013 study investigated this phenomenon in ovariectomized mice. The researchers found that daily consumption of herbal products for relief of dysmenorrhea lowers total cholesterol, suggesting that cranberry products may be useful dietary supplements after menopause. Some studies have also suggested possible side effects of eating such products: studies have found that cranberry juice may interact with certain drugs. For example, cranberries may enhance the effect of a blood thinner called warfarin. For other drugs, different studies are not consistent. However, preliminary studies indicate that cranberry may interact with the following drugs: cyclosporine, flurbiprofen, diclofenac, amoxicillin, cefaclor, midazolam, and tizanidine. If you take these or other medicines, please consult your doctor before using cranberry juice. Research indicates that it may be necessary to monitor the dosage and effect of the drug rather than avoid cranberry juice altogether.


Herbal Products For Relief Of Dysmenorrhea

Green Plum health product manufacturer introduces you to the role of green plum.

1. Shengjin quenches thirst

Green plum tastes sour, has the effect of relieving thirst and appetizing and relieving depression. Eating green plum or dried products made from green plum or preserved plum fruit can pierce the sense of taste, make people have an appetite for eating, and have an improving effect on anorexia and less food.

2. Jianweixiaoshi

Green plum is a green fruit that contains a lot of organic acids and also contains a lot of cellulose. After use, it has the effect of promoting gastric acid secretion and intestinal peristalsis, can help digest food, and improve the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to digest food. Has the effect of Jianweixiaoshi.

3. Eliminate fatigue

The content of vitamins in green plum is relatively high, and the variety is very rich. It also contains a variety of natural minerals, which can relieve the metabolism of the body and relieve fatigue.

4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrhea

Green plum contains a variety of organic acids, including citric acid, tannic acid, tartaric acid, etc. These plant organic acids have a bactericidal effect, can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, improve the bactericidal effect of the intestinal tract, to a certain extent, anti-inflammatory, stop Laxative effect.

5. Slow down aging

Ome and Ome products can stimulate salivary glands to secrete more parotid hormones. This hormone is called “rejuvenating hormone”. It can promote the rejuvenation of blood vessels and whole body tissues, promote cell metabolism, and slow down aging.


Green Plum

The green plum has large cores and small berries, with an upright shape, crispy flesh, fresh and sour. It is acid-based, unique in flavor, rich in nutrition, and has high medicinal value. Plum fruit contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements [iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, calcium, zinc, etc.] In particular, it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids, these amino acids are conducive to the composition of human protein And the normal operation of metabolic functions prevents human cancer and cardiovascular system diseases. The Japanese medical community has conducted research on Ome, and certified that Ome has three functions of “blood purification, detoxification, and sterilization”.

Ome is known as “natural green health food” and is a kind of excellent fruit with both medicine and food. It is recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Therapeutic Materia Medica” and “Sourcing of Materia Medica”. The contemporary Wumei made from green plum was officially listed as the first batch of “both food and medicine” by the Ministry of Health in 2002. Research shows that the content of natural organic acids in green plum is generally 3.0% -6.5%, much higher than that of ordinary fruits, such as citric acid, malic acid, ursolic acid, catechin, tartaric acid, succinic acid, pyruvic acid, acetic acid, The citric acid content accounts for about 80% of the total acid content. Citric acid and ursolic acid can effectively eliminate fatigue and play a role in relieving fatigue, while malic acid can effectively promote gastric juice secretion, promote digestion, and play a role in strengthening the stomach and digesting food. Others have effects such as relieving thirst, promoting metabolism, beautifying the skin, anti-aging and anti-tumor.

Green plum is rich in amino acids, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B2, carotene, niacin and so on. The effect and function of green plum: It has the functions of regulating the gastrointestinal health, promoting intestinal peristalsis, and promoting the secretion of digestive juice. It can be used to improve constipation. It can improve the detoxification function of the liver and enhance the body’s detoxification ability.

Apples, belonging to the Rosaceae family of bulk fruits, are the most widely grown and produced in the world. Its taste is sweet and sour, delicious and nutritious.

Apple has the reputation of “wisdom fruit” and “memory fruit”. People have long discovered that eating more apples has the effect of improving memory and intelligence. Concentrated apple juice is not only rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients for the brain, but more importantly, it is rich in zinc. According to research, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body and a key element in promoting growth and development. Zinc is widely involved in the metabolism of protein, fat and sugar in the body through enzymes. Zinc is also an essential element of nucleic acids and proteins that are closely related to memory. Zinc deficiency can make the hippocampus of the cerebral cortex marginal dysplasia and affect memory. Experiments have also shown that reducing zinc in food can seriously impair the memory and learning ability of young children. Zinc is also closely related to the production of antibodies and the improvement of human immunity.

1. Apple has the effect of lowering cholesterol

French researchers have found through experimentation that eating apples can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, increase the secretion of bile and the function of bile acids, thus preventing cholesterol from forming gallstones in the bile. Some experiments have found that more than 50% of people who regularly eat apples have cholesterol levels that are 10% lower than those who do not eat apples.

2. Apple also has the dual effects of laxative and antidiarrheal

The cellulose contained in apples can soften feces in the large intestine; apples are rich in organic acids, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and quick constipation relief. On the other hand, apples contain pectin, which can inhibit abnormal peristalsis of the intestine, slow down digestive activities, and thus suppress mild diarrhea.

3. Apple has the effect of lowering blood pressure

Apple contains more potassium, which can be combined with excess sodium salt in the body to make it excreted. When the body consumes too much sodium, eating some apples helps to balance the body’s electrolytes. Elements such as phosphorus and iron contained in apples are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, and have the effect of nourishing the brain and nourishing the blood and restful. Apple’s aroma is a good medicine for depression and depression.

Experts have found through many experiments that among many odors, the aroma of apple has the greatest psychological impact on people, and it has the obvious effect of eliminating psychological depression. Clinical use proves that after the patients with mental depression have smelled the aroma of apple, their mood has improved greatly, their spirits are relaxed and happy, and their sense of depression disappears. Experiments also prove that insomniac patients can smell the apple fragrance before falling asleep, which can make people fall asleep faster and quieter.

Apple also has the effect of lowering cholesterol. French researchers have found through experimentation that eating apples can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, increase the secretion of bile and the function of bile acids, thus preventing cholesterol from forming gallstones in the bile. Some experiments have found that more than 50% of people who regularly eat apples have cholesterol levels that are 10% lower than those who do not eat apples.

Apple juice concentrate is an inexpensive drink that improves health and is a source of soluble and insoluble cellulose. There are two kinds of apple juice: cloudy apple juice and transparent apple juice. Their basic processing techniques are the same, except that the cloudy apple juice uses a homogenization step, while the transparent apple juice uses a clarification and filtration step.

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Apple juice will accelerate the peristalsis of the intestine. If the intestine originally has abnormal peristalsis, the apple juice will produce gas in the intestine. If the intestines are stimulated by food, you can drink normal apple juice or a mixed juice of concentrated juice and water to reduce the irritation. The specific effects of drinking concentrated apple juice are as follows:

1. Improve physical function.

Second, supplement nutrition.

3. Reduce the chance of heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

4. Clean the digestive tract and promote food digestion. Apple juice is a powerful cleanser and is important for good health.

5. Prevent heart disease.

Sixth, reduce the LDL value and cholesterol content. When LDL oxidizes or deteriorates in the blood, platelets begin to form coronary arteries, causing the arteries to thicken and cause arteriosclerosis. Researcher Dianne Hyson said: “A glass of apple juice can reduce the risk of heart disease in a short time.”

7. Reduce the risk of asthma. Dr. Seif O. Shaheen and colleagues at King ’s College London and the University of Southampton found that as long as eating two apples a week can reduce the risk of asthma by 22-32%. Researchers suspect that certain isoflavones in apples are the main reason for preventing asthma, because other fruits and vegetables have no effect on preventing asthma.

8. Reduce the incidence of lung diseases in smokers. A study done by researchers at Groningen University in the Netherlands found that smokers eating fruits and vegetables (especially apples) in moderation can reduce the incidence of lung diseases. Lung disease is a common disease for smokers, and eating fruit reduces its risk by almost 50%!

9. Relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. For older people, you can start by drinking apple juice, especially those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. This is because there is a lot of potassium in apples.

10. Clean the liver and kidney. It is still a low-calorie drink for a long time, it can also reduce liver or kidney disease.

11. Zinc supplementation.

12. Soluble fiber is a substance that prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, which exists in the walls of arterial blood vessels. This can reduce the chance of heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Insoluble fiber can be embedded in the intestine, and then clean the digestive tract together with water to promote food digestion. Apple juice is a powerful cleanser and is important for good health. UC Davis School of Medicine research found that apple juice can prevent heart disease. Can reduce LDL value and cholesterol content. When LDL oxidizes or deteriorates in the blood, platelets begin to form coronary arteries, causing the arteries to thicken and cause arteriosclerosis. Researcher Dianne Hyson said: “A glass of apple juice can reduce the risk of heart disease in a short period of time.” As long as you eat two apples a week, you can reduce the risk of asthma by 22-32%. There is a lot of potassium in apples, which can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. Drinking apple juice can also clean the liver, kidneys, or low-calorie beverages. After a long time, it can also reduce liver or kidney disease.

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“Constipation is not a serious problem, it is terrible not to be solved.” Due to the contemporary society, people consume too much high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, high-calorie, high-cholesterol foods, eat too few plant foods, fresh and active foods, and often stay up late to cause gastrointestinal fluid injury and sedentary Less movement causes gastrointestinal motility to weaken, and work, study, and mental stress lead to gastrointestinal disturbances. Therefore, constipation has begun to favor the elderly and other types of people, and has become an “unspeakable pain” for many people in modern society. According to epidemiological data, the incidence of constipation in China is 3% to 17%, and the incidence of chronic functional constipation among people aged 18 to 70 years in Beijing is 6%. With the rapid development of the country ’s social economy, the incidence of constipation will continue There will be an upward trend year by year.

Constipation is not a minor problem. It is one of the “culprits” that cause impaired health, increased mental burden, and reduced quality of life. In detail, constipation has ten major hazards to the human body.

Hazard 1: Cause anal and rectal diseases. When constipation, due to difficulty in defecation, dry stool, can directly cause or aggravate anorectal diseases, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis and so on.

Hazard 2: Cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. When constipation, the stool stays and harmful substances are absorbed, which can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, abnormal movement, nausea and anorexia, loss of appetite, full stomach, full belly, and burp, bitterness, bad breath, and stinky More performance.

Hazard 3: The formation of ulcers or intestinal perforation. For long-term constipation, the compression of the intestinal cavity by the harder feces causes narrowing of the intestinal cavity and changes in the structure around the pelvis, hindering the expansion of the colon, resulting in compression of the rectum or colon to form a large intestine ulcer, and in severe cases, it can cause bowel perforation.

Hazard 4: Cause gallstones and other diseases. In the case of regular diet and regular meals with three meals a day, the stomach-colon reflex will naturally occur in the human body. Normal people excrete a considerable amount of cholesterol from stool every day. If you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, it can cause disturbance of stomach-colon reflex and constipation. In constipation, cholesterol excretion is blocked, and gallstones are easily deposited in the gallbladder.

Hazard five: cause many diseases in gynecology. Long-term constipation. Excessive filling of the stool in the rectum causes the rectum to expand, the cervix is pushed forward, and the uterus tilts backward. If the uterus is kept in the reclined position for a long time, it will cause menstrual disorders and lumbosacral pain, waist pain, menstrual anus rectum swelling and other diseases or discomfort. Studies have found that the intestines of women with long-term constipation can produce a substance that affects the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary ovarian system, hinders ovulation, and may eventually cause infertility.

Hazard Six: Damage to the central nervous system. During constipation, metabolic products often stay in the digestive tract for a long time. Due to the action of bacteria, a large amount of harmful substances such as methane, phenol, ammonia, etc. can be produced. These substances can enter the central nervous system, damage and interfere with brain function, and can cause memory loss and attention Laxity, slow thinking, headache and insomnia.

Hazard Six: Damage to the central nervous system. During constipation, metabolic products often stay in the digestive tract for a long time. Due to the action of bacteria, a large amount of harmful substances such as methane, phenol, ammonia, etc. can be produced. These substances can enter the central nervous system, damage and interfere with brain function, and can cause memory loss and attention Laxity, slow thinking, headache and insomnia.

Hazard seven: Induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Constipation itself does not cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, nor does it pose a fatal danger. However, due to constipation exerting force to defecate, increase abdominal pressure, resulting in increased blood pressure, increased oxygen consumption of the body, and will also cause the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, this phenomenon also has a trend of increasing year by year. Such as constipation can induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc., and can also cause sudden death and endanger life.

Hazard eight: Induce colon cancer and breast cancer. Constipation prolongs the residence time of excreta in the colon, and the colon’s excessive absorption of carcinogens in the excretion is the main cause of constipation-induced colon cancer. There is a mutagen in the stool of constipated persons. This mutant is similar to several carcinogens known at present. It can be absorbed by the intestine and can develop breast cancer with blood circulation into sensitive breast tissues. It is currently induced by constipation. The main mechanism of breast cancer.

Hazard 9: A “face” problem arises. Long-term constipation, constipation accumulates in the intestines, some harmful bacteria will ferment and decompose food residues that people have not completely digested, and remain in the stool, especially some protein foods, these harmful bacteria will produce them after fermentation and decomposition Many harmful substances, the toxins in the body are not excreted in time, which will cause the dysfunction of the body’s endocrine system and hormonal metabolism, which will lead to abnormal pigmentation of the face, chloasma, darkening of the skin, acne, etc. affecting the “face”. problem.

Hazard 10: Long-term constipation, due to prolonged exertion of bowel movements, causing rectal fatigue, excessive contraction of the anus and spastic contraction of the pelvic floor, so that men do not ejaculate or have decreased libido, and there is no orgasm in sexual life; long-term constipation in women can cause pelvic fall, dysmenorrhea, Loss of libido, vaginal cramps, and produce symptoms of urinary tract infections such as urinary retention and urinary urgency,

In addition, constipation can also cause fever, persistent fever, nosebleeds, pimples, urticaria, cough and wheezing, and it is not easy to cure.

All of the above-mentioned conditions can be improved with pure herbal extracts for improve constipation, and stools can be normally resolved. Later, they can often receive unexpected therapeutic effects.

Pure Herbal Extracts For Improve Constipation

Many people like to eat Medlar Powder. Do you know what the effect and role of Medlar Powder are? How should we eat Medlar Powder? What is the effect of Medlar Powder soaking in water? Today, herbal products manufacturers china will give you a detailed introduction to the more useful effects of Medlar Powder.

1. Anti-fatty liver effect

Slightly inhibits the deposition of fat in liver cells and promotes liver cell regeneration in mice poisoned by carbon tetrachloride Role. The anti-fatty liver effect of the water extract is also manifested in the prevention of liver dysfunction caused by carbon tetrachloride (with cholinesterase and transaminase activities as indicators). If rats are given oral Lycium barbarum water extract or betaine for a long time (75 days), the levels of phospholipids in the blood and liver can be increased; in rats exposed to carbon tetrachloride, the content of phospholipids and total cholesterol in the liver is reduced. The betaine or Medlar Powder water extract was increased before or at the same time; at the same time, it improved the BSP, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, and cholinesterase tests. The effect of Medlar Powder on lipid metabolism or anti-fatty liver is mainly caused by the betaine contained in it, which acts as a methyl donor in the body.

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2. Choline-like effects

Intravenous injection of water extract of Chinese Medlar Powder can cause lower blood pressure and respiratory excitement in rabbits; atropine or vagus nerve cut can inhibit this response. Pure natural herbs product can also inhibit isolated rabbit ears and excite isolated intestines (in the isolated small intestine of guinea pigs, 8 mg of histamine 1 microgram, its effect can be blocked by diphenhydramine or atropine Broken), contraction of rabbit ear blood vessels. Betaine does not have this effect, but it has a dilating effect on rabbit ear blood vessels. Extracts such as methanol, acetone, and ethyl acetate also have mild hypotensive effects. Therefore, the above effects of Medlar Powder are caused by components other than betaine.

3. Who is not suitable to eat Medlar Powder?

Although Medlar Powder has good nourishing and therapeutic effects, it is not suitable for all people. Because it warms the body quite effectively, people who are having a cold, fever, inflammation, or diarrhea should not eat it.

Because it warms the body quite effectively, people who are having a cold, fever, inflammation, or diarrhea should not eat it.

1. Due to the effect of warming the body of Medlar Powder is very strong, people with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or daily intake of large amounts of meat will cause the surface to glow red.

2. Chinese Medlar Powder can nourish liver and kidney, but the liver and kidney are not weak, so there is no need to take it.

Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and kidney, but liver and kidney are not weak, so there is no need to take

3. After all, it is a drug. Drugs treat diseases by their prejudices, which is what we often say is drug nature. Tonic medicines are also designed for deficiency syndromes. Those who are physically healthy without deficiency syndromes should not be applied. Those who are evil and righteous should not be used indiscriminately to prevent “killing behind closed doors.”

4. Deficiency cold people will have the disadvantages of slippery diarrhea, and internal heat is not used with caution.

5. Some people eat too much Medlar Powder, which causes eyes to be swollen, uncomfortable, and blurred vision. Therefore, Medlar Powder can not be eaten often.