Wrinkles are places where age is exposed, so in order to better hide your age, it is necessary to maintain your body, especially the face. The following herbal product manufacturers will introduce you to the 12 simplest ways to eliminate wrinkles.

Type 1, serious cleansing makes the skin moist and delicate

Cleaning is also the most important thing to prevent wrinkles. Because of the harsh external environment, many exhaust gases and dust can easily adhere to the skin, and the radiation of the computer screen is also a hidden danger. These dirty things will make the skin lose its original elasticity and easily grow wrinkles. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to clean, use a cleansing product suitable for your skin to clean the skin.

Type 2, use vitamin-rich beauty cosmetics

From the whitening of Vitamin C, to the antioxidant and aging of Vitamin E, and the most popular vitamin A derivatives, these can make skin fresher and brighter. Therefore, you should choose to apply a nutrient cream rich in different vitamins to give your skin rich nutrition, such as improve skin natural herbal product.

Type 3, removes keratin and then massages to fade wrinkles

If the keratin thickening is bound to affect the appearance, and wrinkles are prone to occur. So exfoliation is also a key step in anti-wrinkle. In the skin care process, skin beauty massage, hot compresses are applied, the lines of wrinkles of the skin are diluted, and the skin care products are better penetrated, thereby improving the overall skin condition.

Type 4, focus on eye care

If you read novels for a long time, play computer on the Internet, watch Korean dramas staying up late, and my eyes are too tired to cause wrinkles around the eyes, and problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, and edema. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the eye massage, apply eye cream, and relieve fatigue for the eyes.

Type 5, anti-wrinkle on the forehead, corners of the eyes and lips, preventive maintenance

Wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes, lips and the like are difficult to remove even if they are doubled. Therefore, before wrinkles are produced, attention should be paid to the use of anti-wrinkle cosmetics in these areas. In particular, preventive eye creams should be selected and eyes should be selected. Make-up remover to prevent the first wrinkles.

Type 6, with anti-wrinkle makeup, bright and blocking wrinkles

A lot of anti-wrinkle makeup has appeared on the market, which is the best choice for women who like to dress up every day. Like Revlon, as new as the new models are good.

Relieve Cold Jelly

Type 7, make up your mind to protect your vulnerable lips while making up

The lips are highly susceptible to environmental pollution, leaving lips dry, cracked and wrinkled. At this time, in addition to remembering to apply a lip balm with a sunscreen factor, it is also important to remember to protect your lips during makeup. It is recommended to use a moisturizing or lip balm or lip gloss.

Type 8, hand and foot care before going to bed

The dry air and the degreased alkaline soap make the cracks of the hands and feet rough and the fingers become thicker and thicker, and the skin on the surface becomes wrinkled more and more, which affects the appearance. When cleaning the skin, try to choose a slightly acidic moisturizing shower gel, even clean with water, clean and then apply moisturizing nourishing hand and foot cream.

Type 9, take care of dry skin and sensitive skin

Dry skin is prone to fine wrinkles, and sensitive skin is sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, it is necessary to be targeted in skin care. When you buy skin care products and feel a little uncomfortable, try special cosmetics.

Type 10, sun protection in autumn and winter

The ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter give birth to the first wrinkles in life, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Type 11, to prevent wrinkles, you are lying and sleeping

Lying down to sleep can prevent wrinkles. When you sleep, your face will be oppressed, and your skin will become wrinkled. After a long time, wrinkles will inevitably grow.

Type 12, adequate sleep and normal work to maintain metabolism in the body

Wrinkles are the manifestation of facial skin aging. The causes of skin aging are many, and sleep is one of the important reasons. Insufficient sleep, especially for people who are chronically deprived of sleep, the face is prone to wrinkles. If you are insomnia, try our improve insomnia natural herbal product.

The above 12 simple ways to eliminate wrinkles must be remembered, use the above methods, let us also stop the years in the flower season!

In life, we will encounter some intestinal problems more or less. Especially constipation, there are many people who are deeply tortured. Children: mostly because of weak spleen and stomach, consumption of formula containing palm oil, and imperfect digestive function. Pregnant women: Pregnancy constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy, and constipation may worsen in the third trimester. Professionals: Sedentary, lack of exercise will affect the gastrointestinal motility, coupled with irregular diet, work pressure and other issues, the workplace is prone to constipation. Middle-aged and elderly: With age, intestinal function will gradually decline, resulting in fewer bowel movements and difficulty in defecation.

According to the survey, patients with chronic constipation account for 3%-17.6% of the general population in China, and the prevalence of women is higher than that of men. About 70 million women and more than 20 million men suffer from chronic constipation. Some people think that constipation is not a big deal. At best, it is uncomfortable, but it is not! Frequent constipation can cause damage to the whole body.

1, diet and tasteless: often constipation, can cause gastrointestinal nerve dysfunction, resulting in food can not be properly digested, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, belching and other issues.

2, concurrent anorectal disease: stool becomes dry and hard, will squeeze the blood vessels near the anal canal, and even tear the muscles of the anus, causing hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other anorectal diseases.

3, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: excessive force during defecation, will increase abdominal pressure, sudden increase in blood pressure, for the elderly, it is easy to induce stroke, angina, myocardial infarction and other accidents.

4, psychological problems: long-term suffering from constipation, easy to make people feel irritated, causing anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and other symptoms, affecting normal work and life.

5, the impact of appearance: long-term constipation, easy to cause acne, facial pigmentation, rash and other skin problems.

Seaweed Jelly

After reading this, do you still think constipation is a trivial matter? In order to have a good state of the body, you must improve constipation and keep your intestines healthy.

How to relieve constipation, you must first develop good habits. Specifically, the following points are included:

1, diet, reasonable intake of dietary fiber, drink plenty of water;
2 , exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, so ensure sufficient exercise;
3 , develop good bowel habits, defecation on time, do not read books, do not play mobile phones when defecation;
4 , do not stay up late, keep a regular schedule.

Second, everyone can choose to take our products. Seaweed jelly can significantly accelerate intestinal peristalsis, improve the metabolic function and constipation of the gastrointestinal tract, inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestine, and reduce the deposition of intestinal toxins and carcinogens. Removes toxins from the body, metabolizes unwanted lipids, lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. It nourishes the skin, removes acne and fading spots, controls body weight, and reduces the health effects of three high diseases (high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar.

Whether it’s children, office workers or middle-aged and elderly people, this pure natural herbs product always protects your gut health. After insisting on drinking once after breakfast and dinner, conditioning the intestines, improving constipation problems, and bringing changes to the state of health, the body will naturally know.

Many people say that I am defecation on time every day. Should I have no stool? In fact, the stool is almost everyone’s, but a small problem. Today, health and wellness provider China shares with you how seaweed jelly removes toxins and feces from the body. Let’s take a look.

Suspension and toxicity
Due to the fold structure of the intestines, even if we excrete it every day, there is always some food residue left in the folds of the intestines. These food residues dry, deteriorate and ferment under the influence of bacteria and accumulate over a long period of time. 7mm, 5-6mm black, unpleasant smell, toxic substances, firmly adhered to the intestinal wall, like rust, they slowly eroded our body, people used to call it stool.

The source of all diseases comes from blood poisoning, while the source of toxins comes from enteric toxins. The inconvenience of one day is equivalent to inhaling three packs of toxins, and the body will age for one year!

Enteric toxicity accumulates in the human gut for a long time, in which the content of bacteria and decomposition products is higher than that of feces. If a large amount of catabolically harmful substances cannot be discharged in time, some of them can be absorbed through the colonic mucosa and enter the liver through the portal system. On the one hand, this increases the burden on the liver, accumulates the detoxification enzyme system of the liver, and impairs liver function; metabolism, harmful substances enter certain organs and systems in the blood to cause certain damage.

Causes toxicity to the body
1. After being absorbed by the blood and infiltrating into the whole body, it causes serious damage to internal organs, which affects the health of the body and the beauty of the face.

2, toxic toxicity will reduce the dust on the lungs, the filtering function of metal particles, prone to acne, yellow skin, bad breath and other issues.

3. Enterol toxicity can increase the detoxification burden of the liver, causing liver fire, the skin is black and yellow, pigmentation increases, and the body’s resistance is reduced.

4, lead to toxicity can cause premature skin aging, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, stains and other problems, while the skin appears rough, dry or greasy.

5, in vivo toxicity will accumulate toxins in the lymph around the subcutaneous cells of the feces, resulting in the accumulation of feces, swollen excess.

6, enteric toxicity will in turn affect the digestion and excretion of the gastrointestinal tract, easy to form constipation, diarrhea, diarrhea, bad breath and other issues. There is a phenomenon of slow thinking, insomnia and fatigue. The law of life is chaotic, the skin turns yellow, rough, inelastic, and has acne.

7, toxic toxicity will increase blood viscosity, blood lipids, triglycerides, increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and colon cancer.

8, can also cause toxicity in the body: endocrine disorders, blood deficiency, early menopause, accelerate aging.

Seaweed jelly detoxification is cleaner
1. Seaweed jelly supplements the trace elements of the human body and completes the digestion and absorption process of the food in the human body to promote metabolism. Complete the detoxification and detoxification process while promoting the tricarboxylic acid cycle, which is a metabolic pathway prevalent in aerobic organisms. This is the most natural way to detoxify the structure and physiological functions of the human body.

2, algae jelly can help break down toxic tissues, remove residual carbon dioxide, foreign matter, free radicals and metabolic wastes in tissues and organs, so that the body can be purified and purified. At the same time, the body also supplements nutrition during detoxification.

3, seaweed jelly has the function of purifying blood, can decompose and eliminate lipid peroxides and acidic metabolites in the blood, maintain the weak alkaline state of the blood, purify the blood by detoxification, and end the sub-health state.

4, seaweed can accelerate the elimination of endotoxin. Cytotoxins do not absorb nutrients and endotoxin cannot be excreted. Seaweed Jelly delivers oxygen and nutrients directly to cells, removing toxins from cells and repairing damaged cells.

5, seaweed jelly can promote the body’s peristalsis, improve the metabolic products of the rehabilitation, inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria, effectively remove toxins and feces.

6, corrosive human endotoxin and environmental toxins are gradual and continuous, detoxification process can not be once and for all. Seaweed jelly detoxification has this continuous and uninterrupted function. 1-2 seaweed jelly, High Purity herbal products, no side effects, and good health.

Seaweed jelly