Can pilates lose weight? Following the health and wellness supplier China would like to share with you.

When it comes to the difference between pilates and yoga, the most concise statement is that pilates is dynamic and yoga is static. Of course you have to raise your hands to lift your legs, but the point is to reach a certain position and then use your strength, your balance, your toughness to maintain that position. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on the process of reaching a certain position. It doesn’t care if you reach the perfect position or not. Pilates is top-notch for weight loss, which is why it has become a favorite of many Hollywood stars. It’s not just a matter of losing a few pounds. Pilates can also help build muscle tone and tone, making a body look toned and toned.

Pilates benefits:

Stretch your muscles

The main function of other exercises in the gym may be to exercise the heart and lungs. Pilates directly stretches your muscles, so it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. You want it to go left to right, you want it to go up to down, you want it to breathe in and you want it to breathe out, all sorts of weird postures to strengthen your coordination, to use muscles that you probably haven’t used in your life. If you find a pose that isn’t so awkward and uncomfortable, and it’s enjoyable to do, it’s definitely a mistake!

The combination of motion rigor and softness

A big reason for pilates’s recent popularity is that it can be practiced on the floor, with a mat. Compare rise a few minutes to resemble yoga, it is done in the respect of match well of Chinese and western more stand out, blended in westerner already “just” the training that notices body muscle and function, blended in Oriental again “soft” the body and mind when emphasizing exercise is unified, every pose should coordinate with breath.

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Pilates, not only can improve the appearance of the body, in fact, it has special effects in the treatment of some diseases. For example: body swelling, back pain, constipation, fatigue, varicose veins and so on!

Improve spirit and vitality

Pilates can boost your emotional health. Slow, steady movements calm your mind and relieve tension. As you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, it will help boost your circulatory system and clear away tension. Every movement will make you feel calm, coordinated and energetic. Focus your attention on getting rid of your stress and you will get physical and mental health.

Reduces pain and stiffness

If you suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis, you may find that pilates lengthens your body and reduces your pain. Proper exercise is crucial to treating arthritis because it increases your flexibility and reduces pain and fatigue through stretching. Stretching allows nutrients to flow to your muscles and tendons. They keep your muscles healthy and minimize your risk of injury. Pilates also stimulates the production of a joint lubricant that relaxes the muscles of your legs, back, neck and shoulders, relieving pain and tension.

Get back into pre-pregnancy shape

Many of my female friends ask me why my belly is still so flat after having two children. It doesn’t take long, but you need to do some regular exercise and you’ll see results. Muscles have a good memory and you only need to do a little exercise and they will go back to their original state.

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